21 Amazing Facts About Australia Continent

  1. Australia is small country, it's capital Canberra, it's length is same as distance between Moscow and London.
  2. Australian's cricket team won ICC champion trophy for five times which is a world record.
  3. Australians are drinking too much beer than water,they about to drink 96 liter beer per year.
  4. Australians are manufactured 200 millions beer bottles per year.
  5. There are found 7 lakhs square kilometres of forest which covered 91 percent of Australia.
  6. Australia known as player country , every 70 percent Australians are joining any play per week.
  7. Across the world, electricity is so expensive than others country.
  8. In Australia longest bar 5,614 km of wall,it made for escape the cultivated land from wild dogs.
  9. More than 25 percent of peoples are born out of the country.
  10. Australian's prime minister have a World record on drinking of beer,he drink about 1.18 little beer in 11 second.
  11. In 1880 Melbourne was richest City in world. Kangaroo is national animal of Australia.
  12. In Australia have "Rain making act law"from 1966.
  13. From some report known that thrre found 16 corers of sheeps but peoples only 8 corore.
  14. World most mysterious lake" the Hiller lake",it it water colour is pink, scientists are can't found reason of this.
  15. Australians are export camel to Saudi Arabia for meat.
  16. In Australia too much number of kangaroo,than Australians.
  17. In Australia found many deadly spiders, snakes .
  18. In Australia found 20,000 Island, every person living in 50 kilometres distance from sea beach.
  19. The national anthem of Australia is" God save the king ".
  20. There found oldest fossil in the world, fossil is ago 340 crore year .
  21. "The flight data recorder" discovered in Melbourne by "Devid barren" in 1958.