Amazing Facts About Space and Universe

  1. Space suits are so costly, probably it's price is 12 millions dollars.
  2. You can't cry in space due to lack of gravitational force ,tears not came out.
  3. If you break down any materials in space, after do it if you try to join them they easily fix it.
  4. When aircraft cross the atmosphere of the eirth its speed about 7 miles per second.
  5. Astronauts are smelling" Wolding smell" in space.
  6. NASA developed "3d pizza "for astronauts.
  7. Sky looking blue from eirth but, from space its looks dark.
  8. In 1962 United States of America blasting a hydrogen bomb in space, which is powerful 100 times of Hiroshima bombing.
  9. The first selfie in space captured by "Buzz Aldrin" In 1966.
  10. The area of international spaces station is equal of a football ground.
  11. You can't talk in space due to defeciency of air  which act of a medium.
  12. After came out from international spaces station , increase height about 2.25 inches.
  13. "The great Wall of China" is found from international spaces station , but nowadays increasing of air pollution it's not foundable.
  14. If you not wear a space suits before going out the space station you will destroy in 2 minutes.
  15. Did you know? Space is totally dark.
  16. Rakesh Sharma is the first Indian who goes to space in 19th century by co-operate with russian space agency.