Top 10 Most Unsolved Mysteries of World

Crooked Forest

The strange trees of Crooked Forest located in Poland which planted in 1920 or early 1930, probably by the local population, and it is one of the weirdest natural landmarks to be seen on the planet. A valley of mystery surrounds the pine forest it's not far from the Polish town of Gryfino which is very close to the German border from Berlin so this area is extremely affected in world war ii. where the spectator can be dazzled by the sight of some 400 mysterious crooked pines trees in their shape and all directed toward the north side.

Sailing Stone Valley

One of the most interesting mysteries of Death Valley National Park is the sliding rocks at Racetrack Playa. These rocks can be found on the floor of the valley with long trails behind them. Somehow these rocks slide across the valley, with cutting a landmark as they moved. Rock sailing behind the truth that they move during times when the floor of Racetrack Playa is covered with a very soft mud they sailing with assisting the motion of the rocks.

Bloddy Waterfalls

When Antarctic explorers first discovered a cliff stained with blood-red water in 1911, they assumed that red-hued algae were responsible for the colour. The place quickly became known as Blood Falls, although it turned out to be neither blood nor algae.Blood Falls is the result of iron-rich saltwater that oxidises in contact with air which just like rust.