Amazing facts about Brazil, most drugs supplier country in the world

Amazing facts about Brazil

  1. Brazil is a South American country which situated in northern side of South America.
  2. The capital of Brazil "Brasili" from 1960 ,its i population about 20 lakhs.
  3. Brazil is 7th largest country in the world it's covered 47.6% area of south America.
  4. Long time Brazil is under Portugal , Brazil gets independent in 1923 and in 1925 published new law.
  5. Brazil is first country of South America who members of Olympic.
  6. Brazil is known as" the pot of coffee" it exports maximum quantity of coffee from 150 years.
  7. In the capital Brazil maximum man is gay.
  8. Brazil is most crime country which belongs top 20 City,brazil belongs top 10 City.
  9. Brazil is most wrost country which export  maximum amount of drugs, which price 70% less from another country.
  10. In brazil ,who locked in jail for crime they can less there punishment by reading books and reporting about readings books in 4 days.
  11. Most 2nd population of japanese are found in the world, it's after japan.
  12. In brazil "sex surgery"is Free it's provide by Brasilia government.
  13. In brazil the apple iphone price is twice than Washington DC .
  14. In brazil there is a Island which area about 4 lakhs 30 thausands square km this island named as snake island.
  15. 20 lakhs snakes live in this snake island approximately 2 snakes present per 2 square meter.

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