Amazing facts about Dubai(UAE)

Amazing facts about Dubai(uae)

  1. The population of DUBAI about 28 lakhs, it's 43.3% of people from India.
  2. The most demands cars like Ferrari,lambergini , BMW have in Dubai police.
  3. Every person love gold but Dubai people have gold car.
  4. The world highest building in dubDu which named as Burj Khalifa, it's found from 90 km.
  5. BURJ KHALIFA have 146 floors its height about 1.5 km.
  6. The world largest shopping mall present in Dubai which named as "Dubai Mall".
  7. Dubai most reachest country iysi maximum money cimco from realstate and toirtou business ,and 6%of economy comes from oils refinary.Dubai is most safe country its crime rate about 0%.
  8. Dubai is a crime free country because Dubai law is very strict no excuse.
  9. In Dubai has not pin code system its afressa remember by presence of shopping malls and buildings.
  10. In Dubai have many ATM its have gold coins with money.
  11. The palm Jumeirah building which found from space which built by DUBAi engineers.
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