Mystery Facts About The Firon Dead Body

In 1898, when Egypt found an extremely ancient human body on the banks of the Red Sea, which was surprisingly secure even after passing thousands of years, everyone had the curiosity to know the secret of this dead body, hence this body was discovered in 1981 for therapeutic discovery. France was recruited and Dr. Morris tested on this body.From the tests, Dr. Maurice concluded that the person whose dead body was killed due to the ocean was drowned because Dr. Maurice had found some part of the sea salt in that dead body, and it also came to know that this person Shortly after the drowning was taken out of the water.But this was still a puzzle before Dr. Maurice that after the death of the body, it was not destroyed after thousands of years even after its death.

Only then one of his colleagues came to know that the Muslim people are saying that they came in front of the investigation without saying that this person was drowning in the sea, and that dead body was of Fayyon, who said that Hazrat Musa (Alai Salaam) And wanted to make common massacre of his followers, because the fact that Firon's body is always kept safe and drowning in the sea and his death is written in his holy book, in which he believed Areas are.Mouris was very surprised to think that the thing which I knew with the help of large sophisticated machines to die after drowning in the sea of ​​this dead body, how did the Muslims first know about it? And while the fact that thousands of years after the death of this corpse has not been destroyed, only 83 years have passed since 1981, how was it written in 1400 years ago in his Koran?Even after thousands of years of the death of this body, no scientific reason for the survival of this body could have been known by doctors, Maurice or other scientists, but what could be considered other than the miracle of God?

On the basis of the Bible, on the basis of the location and medical examination of the body of the dead, due to the life of the dead body of nearly 3000 years Maurice believed that this body was from Firon, To learn more about Taurat Sharif (Biblical: Old Testament), he decided to study, but in the meantime, he got only written that Firon and his army were submerged in the sea and Save one of S HE. But there was no mention of Firawn's corpse .Maurice had a lot of questions in his mind, and finally he went to participate in a major medical seminar in Saudi Arabia to get the answers to these questions, where he found out that he was found in the test of the dead body of Fayoun, Listening to Maurice, a Muslim doctor opened the Koran and read this rectangle of Surah Yunus that he .Al-Qur'an: "Therefore we shall save thy soul, that thou mayest be a sign for those who are after thee.This rectangle had some effect on Dr. Maurice standing at the same time, he declared that "I have confessed Islam today and believed in this Holy Quran"After this, for many years, after returning to his country of France, Dr. Morris continued to research Koran and science, and after that, he wrote such books about Quranic miracles which had triggered the whole world.