Secrets Of Stonehenge Evidences In England

  • Stonehenge 

"Stonehenge, " located in Wiltshire, England, is originally a cord with stones made of high-end stones. At present, only the remains, which come from far away to see the salon. It is believed that 'Stonehenge' was the name of the leader of the tribes living around it and used to be the graveyard here. It was made by mixing two types of stones-sarcens and bluestone.

  • Construction

These stones are special because these joints were used to connect them, which are commonly used in wood work. It is great to be five thousand years ago. Oxford University student Christophe Schoenich recently claimed in his research that these stones were brought from Wales, where Bluestone is mainly found. Maybe the workers bringing stones have died or they have spent near the Stonehenge on the last day of their life.

  • Research 

During the lab tests, Soneck found that the remains of these stones have elements named strontium. It is found in human bones and can tolerate temperatures up to 1000 degrees. According to Snoac, "After burying the dead body, all the organic matter of the body, including DNA, is destroyed, only the inorganic mater is left. Stonatium is an inorganic mater, which can be examined if we know what we eat five thousand years ago.