Top 10 Most DANGEROUS island In The World

Top 10 Most DANGEROUS island In The World

  • Popgilla

There is an island in Italy known as 'Island of Dead'. It is believed that people who go here are difficult to return to life. There is a scary story associated with this island, which is why people will not want to go here too. It is said that hundreds of years ago this island was left to bring plague patients and die. Later this island was used even during Black Death i.e. black fever.Those who died, they were buried. After seeing the increasing number of patients, about 1, 60 thousand sick people were burnt alive. Since then people began to believe this place as a ghost and this island was completely deserted.

  • Snake island

Snake island is one of the dangerous Iceland in the world. snake Island is situated in Brazil. Where found so much snake per square metre if you got found two snake. Probably you found golden snake in the Island golden snake bite so dangerous so Brazil government decided to declare the restricted area for so much life risk.

  • Reunion Island

Reunion Island is located in the the Indian Ocean. This island is most dangerous because presence of much numbers of sharks near sea beach. The population is less than one million.  The pleasant weather and attractive beaches here attract tourists. Even though this island is one of the most popular holiday destinations. The presence of massive number of sharks in the island. Around 20 people have been attacked and 7 were killed by sharks since 2011.

  • Izu Island

Izu island is present in Japan. Here everyone is wearing a mask. The atmosphere of island is very toxic due to volcano eroption, so island is very dangerous.The Izu Islands are a group of several islands small and large but only 9 of them are inhabited. All of the islands here are located on an active volcano belt but Miyakejima Island has a very active volcano on Mount Oyama. The last major explosion occurred in 2000 exhausted large quantities of toxic gases released along with lava.

  • Saba Island

Saba island is situated in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. Area of this island is 13 square kilometres. Storms make this place the most dangerous island. Just two thousand people live on this small island. The beauty here is worth seeing. The active volcano Mount and increasing earthquake are make it dangerous.

  • Gruenard Island

Gruenard Island, a small island situated in Scotland. During the Second World War Britain tested a poisonous gas on this island. This poisonous gas called anthrax which polluted the atmosphere of this island. If a person come here he will dies due to internal bleeding.

  • The island's of Dolls

There is a small island about 17 km south of Mexico City called "La Isla de la Munecas".  But after hearing about this incident people only know it by the name of "The Island Of dolls".  On this island, you will find many broken and scary dolls hanging on trees.  When this island came to the notice of the people in 1990, the Government of Mexico started repairing this place and developed it as a tourist destination.
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