What Happens If Earth Loses Gravity

  • I would like to start from here that it might not be possible that the gravitational force over the earth will end ... but if this happens, then it will be seen all over the earth.
  • As soon as the force of gravity ends, the mass of everything on earth will become ziroo and all will start swimming in the air.The rotational speed of Earth on the equator is around 465m / s and the radius of the Earth is 6400km. So according to the astronaut of nasa, if the force of gravity ended for 5 seconds .. then we would have an average of 40-60 cm will fly up to the top.We will not hear anything. And you will not be able to breathe.Your body will become so hot that it has never happened before today.Breeze will be seen in the rivers and the sea. All of these water will go up to a few meters.
  • The earth will burst. Because of the gravity they are connected to each other.Our Atmosphere i.e. the environment will be completely destroyed.All lava is present inside the earth. All will start coming out.The moon will start moving in straight direction.Soon a natural diaster like earthquake, tsunami will start coming .. And soon the earth will end.