25 Interesting Facts About Amazon Forest

  1. Amazon jungle situated in South America. it mostly covered BrazilI, This forest is very famous for its beauty.
  2. A large number of tourists come and enjoy. The other side of this forest is that this forest is deadly, due to which more and more tourists carry horror memories from here.
  3. Do you know world largest rainforest is Amazon jungle.
  4. You can't imagine how big the 'Amazon forest' located from South America to Brazil.
  5. This rainforests area extend to 2.1 million square miles .
  6. It is believed that if Amazon was a country, then it would be the 9th largest country in the world.
  7. It is called the world's largest rainforest. There are large and tall trees here that do not reach the sunlight properly. It is also known as the 'lung of the earth'.
  8. 20% of the world's oxygen is claimed to be made. There are few species of trees, insects, animals etc. found here.
  9. But unfortunately in 2019, 20% of Amazon jungle totally destroyed by forest fire, it is a result of increasing of golbal warming.
  10. About 100 types of poisonous frogs are found in the Amazon.
  11. Tarantula spider is the most poisonous spider if this spider bites it leaves a lot of poison.
  12. Before 11,200 years ago man put his first step on amazon rainforest.
  13. These rainforests is existing from previous 55 millions years.
  14. The area of ​​the Amazon rainforest is approximately 21,00,000 square miles maximum areas of amazon jungle situated 60% in Brazil and 13% in Peru.
  15. More than 200 species of birds 40,000 species plants and 25 lakh species insects, 3,000 species of fishes are found in amazon rainforest.
  16. There is a river in the Amazon rainforest that passes through the middle part of amazon jungle. This river was named amazon river by this forest and it is also called heart of the Amazon rainforest.
  17. The length of the Amazon River is about 6400 km.
  18. Amazon river is the largest river in the world but no bridge exist on this river.
  19. The rays of the sun do not reach only 1% of the rays reach earth surface of the amazon rainforest.
  20. In the last 40 years people have destroyed more than 20% of the Amazon rain forests.
  21. Due to heavy rain there is a risk of flooding at any time all the routes here are closed any time if anyone trapped by flood he never escape.