K2-18B super earth

  • K2-18B Location

NASA's Astronomers have been detected water vapour in the atmosphere of a rocky planet k2-18B orbiting in the habitable zone of a star.Habitable zone is neither too close nor too far from the star.It is more acceptable life existing it only possible for planet K2-18B have liquid surface water.K2-18B also known as EPIC 201912552 is a red dwarf star.But this planet position distance from earth is 110 light-years away.light years means a light traveling the distance within an one year.With help of present technology we can't reach the planet k2-18B.

  • K2-18B Environment

This is the only one planet we know outside the Solar System that has the favourable environmental conditions which to support water, has an atmosphere, and has water in. if in future earth can't support the existence of life we can reach to planet k2-18B by help of our future technology and also stay there.this planet looked as earth but not twins of earth.

  • K2-18B Discovered

The planet K2-18b was discovered in 2015 when the Kepler Space Telescope observed its silhouette crossing between us and its star, once every 33 days putting it just the right distance from its dim sun to receive about the same amount of solar energy as Earth.Then NASA find water vapour in atmosphere by Hubble space telescope.All that the scientists are sure of is that water is present 0.01% of the total atmosphere to 50%.This planet k2-18B is not twins of our earth.