Interesting Facts About Animals


  1. Butterflies were originally called flutterflies.
  2. For every human have 1.6 millions ant's in the world per person.
  3. The 110 areas snake island situated at saopaolo in Brazil there has 4000 snakes which is one snake for every square yards.
  4. A chicken which nammed 'Mike' the headless chicken was a crickerel that lived for 18 months after its head had been cutoff.
  5. Package meat is treated with carbon monoxide to make it look fresh for a long time duration.
  6. There is an insect of the size of human hand called tree lobster and it can only be found in ball's pyramid island in Australia.
  7. In 1977 we received a signal from Deep space which lasted for 72 seconds we still don't know how and where it came from.
  8. India is ranked second country for the highest second number of English spoken people in world.
  9. Do you know the average person will shed at least 40 LBS if skin in their lifetime.
  10. Toilets paper wipes out arround 27,000 trees per day. One tree produce about 100 pounds 45 kgs of toilet paper.
  11. During world war ii American soldier's aeroplane crash on the Japanese island there are 9 people on the board eight of them captured and eaten by tribes of that island the who one escaped he was George HW bush.
  12. Scientist Charles Darwin ate almost every animals he discovered.
  13. Cockroaches are staying here before 150 millions years ago which is so old than dainosours survived in earth.
  14. Millions of crabs migrate on the Christmas Island towards the sea shore to mate and population.
  15. African's black mamba is the fastest snake in the world.
  16. Lobster is an special creature which has teeth in stomach, brain in throat, kidneys in head and it's tested with feet, hears with leg that's fact is really interested.