MIUI 11 Updates List and New Features


Xomai is launch the biggest update of this year release of MIUI 11 Xiaomi plans to optimize and monitor the ads on its platform and better performance in device optimizing. This will be an important step after Xiaomi reduced the number of ads shown on its user interface. It also plans to introduce an easy switch in the MIUI system tools to disable advertisements. The MIUI 11 is promising to be a big update that addresses criticism faced by the company. The user interface is also being tipped to be lighter and faster than current MIUI 10 seen on Xiaomi and Redmi devices but unfortunately Xiaomi decided that update can't get all Xiaomi device only some special new mobile.

  • Features

The MIUI 11 is tipped to bring a fresh set to system icons. These icons are said to have been design from the ground up. Xiaomi has also confirmed a new ultimate power saving option which will turn off all features except calls and messages. MIUI 11 brings features like a minimalistic design with dynamic sounds and a new changes in Mi File Manager apps and getting a smart steps tracker. Xiaomi newly updated in wallpaper carousel and even afloating calculator in listed device. It will also switch the colour of the device to monochrome mode. The update will also delete screenshots after they have been shared by the user. all apps will support dark mode with MIUI 11 which is so good.

  • Updated Mobile list

  1. Redmi 6 update weighs about 508MB.
  2. Redmi 6A update weighs about 517MB.
  3. Redmi Note 8 weights about 585MB.
  4. Redmi 6 Update weights about 509.
  5. Redmi Note 5 Pro Update weights about  597MB.
  6. Redmi 6 Pro  Update weights about  558MB.Redmi Y2 are now receiving the update about 567MB.