25 Interesting Facts About World

  1. The police force of Dubai spend so much money on their supercar more than a children spend fees in university in the usa.
  2. In Dubai robots remove all children labourers in camel racing.
  3. The bitter truth of Dubai approximately 85% of population is most about foreigner.
  4. In Dubai you can earn so much money as you wish because Dubai is totally GST free country.
  5. Adding vodka with your shampoo can strengthen your hair, and prevent dry scalp and stop dandruff.
  6. Dubai mall is also known as world largest shopping mall this shopping mall have 1200 shops, 4 floors and a total retail area of 502,000 square metre.
  7. Dubai artificial palm Island use enough sand to fill in 2.5 empire state building.
  8. The first international football match of the world was played in scotland in 1872 and two opponent teams were england and scotland.
  9. Eating chocolate before studying and or before taking tests increase your chances to learn and passing with a good grade.
  10. Sultan hasannal bolkiah is a biggest car collector in world with 7000 cars in this collection including all luxurious car.
  11. Tomato is knowing as a fruit in scientific way. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad philosophy is wondering if that means ketchup with smoothie.
  12. When you are have not no longer period friends with someone, respect the secret they shared with you it's called integrity.
  13. If you are running out of the time and you have the just 15 minutes to left for college or office and you have 0% charge in battery no problem put your mobile on airplane mode while device is charging it will charged in double speed than regular speed and most probably you will have a good amount of charged in battery.
  14. Dinosaurus farts was the world largest exploration which contributing factors to change the climate before 150 millions years ago.
  15. Do you know that Burj Khalifa is the world highest building height about 828 meter.