40 Interesting Facts About Ireland


  1. The official name of Ireland is "Republic of Ireland" and it situated in Europe.
  2. Ireland became a member of the European Union in 1973.
  3. English language is the official language of Ireland and other languages are Irish, Celtic, insular and goidelic.
  4. 10.5% land of Ireland is covered by forests and woodlands and it representing about 2% forest land of the world's total forests.
  5. Ireland's 731,650 hectares areas is covered by forests with 60 species of mammal, 478 species of bird, 1 species of reptile, 3 species of amphibians and 768 species of fishes.
  6. The international border of Ireland is meet up with one country United Kingdom.
  7. There about 80 islands have situated but only few islands are inhabited and "Achill Island" is the largest island of Ireland.
  8. Ireland got her independence on 21st January in 1919 from United Kingdom.
  9. Dublin city is the largest and capital city of Ireland which area is about 115 km² and it's population is about 14.9 lakhs.
  10. The total area of Ireland is about 70,273 km² and it is the 118th largest country in the world.
  11. Total population of Ireland is about 51 lakhs but 12.7% population are foreigners and citizens of Ireland is known as the Irish.
  12. Approximately 78.3% Irish have followed Roman catholic, 2.7% are following church of Ireland 1.6% are following muslim and rest people have followed other religions such as christian, orthodox etc.
  13. The National flag of Ireland have three colours these are orange, green and white. Orange colour represent the protestants, green colour represent the catholic and white colour symbolises the peace between two religious.
  14. Euro is the official currency of Ireland and currently One USD equivalent to 0.92 Euro.
  15. All Irish bears are born from one female bear before 50,000 years ago.
  16. If your ancestors were Irish then you can get citizenship of Ireland.
  17. Royal Cork Yacht Club is the world's first and oldest boat club which founded in 1720 in Ireland.
  18. According to Ireland citizenship law "Martin Luther King Junior" who was an Irishman due to his great-grandfather was an Irish man.
  19. Ireland is the only one country in world whose national sign is a musical instrument.
  20. In Ireland has more numbers of mobile phones than number of citizens of this country.
  21. Evidence of the existence of mankind Irish people are living in Ireland from 12800 BC.
  22. The "Seans Bar" opened in 900 year and  still operating today in Ireland.
  23. The great titanic ship was built in a city of Northern Ireland.
  24. Snakes are not found in Ireland bescuse of cold weather.
  25. The population of Ireland is 64 lakhs. Less than 10% of people in Ireland speak the Irish language maximum people are speak in english.
  26. The making the flag of Ireland idea is taken from French. In Ireland 70% of women have an affair.
  27. 73% of USA'S people cannot find Ireland on the world map.
  28. Carrauntoohil is highest mountain in Ireland which height is about 1,038 meters.
  29. If a song is sold over 5,000 copies in Ireland it will be Ireland's best song forever.
  30. To become an Ireland's best sellers only have to sell 3,000 copies of your books.
  31. Maximum Irish people live in outside of Ireland due to insufficient if jobs.
  32. Shannon is longest river in Ireland which length is about 360.5 km.
  33. Ireland is second most populated country in Europe after Britain.
  34. Ireland has hundred various types of scents and each town has its own unique flavour in Ireland.
  35. The submarine technology invented by John Philip Holland who was an Irishman.
  36. The white House building designed by architect James Hoban who was an Irishman.
  37. Homosexual mariage is legalized from 2015 and abortion is also legalized from 2018 in Ireland.
  38. Wild Atlantic Way is the world's longest coastal drive root which situated in Ireland and it's total length is about 2,500 km.
  39. Tara Mine is the largest zinc mine in Europe and the eighth largest in the world which situated in Ireland.
  40. Hook lighthouse is the world's oldest lighthouse which constructed by William Marshall in 1210 AD and it situated in Ireland.