15 Interesting Facts About Kenya


Kenya is an African country, the capital of Kenya is Nairobi. 99% Population of  Kenya is black colour. Lions, elephants, bears are seen moving everywhere in this country.

  • The history of Kenya is full of slavery, it liberated from Britain on December 12 in 1963 after 100 years.  And in 1964 he adopted the constitution and declared himself a republic country.
  • Scientists believe that human being originated from Kenya because the oldest fossil of human being found in Kenya.
  • 67 different types of languages have ​​spoken in Kenya. Thee official languages ​​of this country are English and Swahili.
  • Kenyan  environmentalist Dr. Mahathai won the Nobel Prize for peace in the year 2004.  She was the first African Women who won this award.
  • About 70% of Kenyan people are Christians, 25% are Kenyan indigenous religions while the remaining 5% are Muslims.
  • "Kenyan lake Victoria" is the world's largest tropical Lake, which shares it with two countries Uganda and Tanzania.
  • Kenyan Law always support women citizens in all domestic matters, but in Kenya you can marry more times.
  • Kenya is a large producer of coffee. It earns maximum from exporting of coffee, but Kenyan people are prefer to drink tea and beer rather than coffee.
  • The currency of Kenya is the shilling Price of one shilling is 0.68 Indian rupees.
  • Government transportation system is unavailable in Kenya people are traveling in vans,bikes, cycle, private bus etc.
  • Kenya is number 3 in rose flower production in the whole world so it also known as 'Flower Garden of Europe'.
  • A Kenyan lawyer offered 50 cows, 70 sheep and goats to Barack Obama's family but in exchange he wanted to marry Obama's daughter.
  • Use of plastic bags is totally banned in Kenya. If anyone use a single piece of plastic bag he will go to jail for 4 years with paid 25 lakhs fine.
  • Kenya is an equatorial Nation but most of the provinces of Kenya have very cold winters because increasing of global warming and in some places many seasons are seen on a single day such as winter in the morning, summer in the afternoon and rain in the evening.
  • Kenyan people drive on the left hand side of the road and they have U.S.A Driving Policy.
  • Around 2.6 million Kenyan people practice running in the night on the highways you will find an athletes in every house.