30 Interesting Facts About Egypt


  1. Egypt is an ancient country which civilized on the bank of Neil river this country is famous for its pyramids, culture, education etc.
  2. Napoleon benipatti attacked on Egypt on 1st July in 1798 but he lost fight from Egyptian king then his mission was failed and returned to France on 2 September 1801.
  3. When Hillary Clinton came to Egypt in 2012, crowds threw tomatoes and shoes. This incident happened for the first time in history, when big leader was insulted in another country like this.
  4. The greatest example of homosexuality in the world has taken place in Egypt. In 2345 B.C two egyptian man love with each other after death both of them burried in same place but today homosexuality is banned in modern Egypt.
  5. 2200 years ago scientists "Eratosthenes" calculated the circumference of the earth with the help of mathematics without going out of Egypt.
  6. Ancient Egyptians had method  for checking of pregnancy. After the woman urine on a special seeds if this seed is Germinate then she was pregnant.
  7. "Tutankhamun" was the only person in ancient Egypt who was mummified with erect penis.
  8. Farahs of ancient Egypt were thin.  Their diet included alcohol, honey, beer and bread and high sugar content.  Many of them were also victims of diabetes.
  9. Till 2015 egyptian Prime Minister doesn't left office without going to jail or dying.
  10. The oldest song in the world which had lyrics, which is about love found in Egypt.  It was written about 4300 years ago.
  11. In ancient Egypt there were 12 months of 30 - 30 days. Rest of 5 days out of 365 days are celebrated by festivals.
  12. When a mummy was sent to France in 1970. Then Egypt government issued a legal passport for this mummy.
  13. Police officers trained dogs and monkeys for helping them in their jobs. 
  14. Around 4th and 6th century Egypt had the highest number of Christians but today is 90% Muslim population living in Egypt.
  15. The highest numbers of pyramids are located in Sudan not in Egypt.
  16. The wearing of rings at weddings rule began in ancient Egypt.
  17. Heart didn't removed while making mummy because Egyptians considered heart as a symbol of soul.
  18. If anyone killed a cats in ancient Egypt then directly killed that person.
  19. In 1346-1353 there was an epidemic in Egypt in which about 40% of the population died.
  20. Egypt is the first Arab country to begin peace with Israel.
  21. In ancient Egypt people wrapped dead humans by bandages which we today called mummy.
  22. In ancient Egypt, servants were covered with honey for keep bees away from the king.
  23. World's first peace treaty record holder country is Egypt.
  24. Egypt is the most Muslims populous country about  90% people are muslim.
  25. Maximum number of population lives on the banks of the Nile River.
  26. Around 1400 god and goddess were worshiped in ancient Egypt.
  27. Giza pyramid is the world's largest pyramid which situated in Egypt and it's height is about 146 meters it also known as Pyramid of Khufu.
  28. The ancient Egyptians had invented 365 days in one year calendar.
  29. World's oldest dress discovered in Egypt which is 5,000 years old.
  30. Aswan dam is the world's largest dam which situated on Neil river in Egypt and it's area is about 5,250 km².