Interesting Facts About The Great Wall Of China

great wall of china

Everyone known about the great Wall of China is a one of the most popular wonder out of 7 wonders around the world. The Taj Mahal is also included in this top 7 wonders list.
  1. The great Wall of China was built for preventing the attackers and treading purpose.
  2. According to ancient China history this wall was built in the 5th to 16th century AD. Workers were used clay and stones for build this wall.
  3. 2,800 years ago the great wall of China was built in the 7th century AD and it took about 2,000 years to completed.
  4. The construction of the great wall of China was started by "King Qin Shihuang" in 7 th century AD.
  5. The great wall of china also known by these names i.e. Rampant, Purple Frottier, Earth Dragon.
  6. In 19th century declared its official name is "the great wall of china".
  7. Some parts of this wall are not interconnected If all parts are combined then total length will be 8848 kilometers.
  8. The great wall of china is so wide that 5 horses or 10 people can walk on it simultaneously.
  9. According to archeologists about 20 to 30 lakhs people had spent their entire life in constructed this wall.
  10. There is a wall in India which directly competes against the great wall of China. In 1443-1458 Akbar also tried to penetrate it but could not succeed. This wall was built for protecting to "Kumbhalgarh fort" in Rajasthan.
  11. Built many check post on this wall for keeping eyes on foreign attackers.
  12. It was not only used for defence purpose also used in treading, transportation of goods which knew as "silk road".
  13. This wall is called "Wan Li Chhang Chhang" by Chinese people which means " the Great Wall of China".
  14. This wall could not always protected to china in some times the attackers were broke some part this wall.
  15. In 1211 "Genghis Khan" also came into china by breaking this wall.
  16. This wall is so large as that it can be seen from space in naked eyes.
  17. The maximum height of this wall is 35 feet but in some parts 8-9 feet.
  18. Who were unable to doing hard labour in wall construction they were buried in this wall therefore this wall is also known as the longest cemetery in the world.