Interesting Facts About Japan


  1. A Japanese company awarded nonsmokers employees 6 extra vacation days to compensate for the smoker smoke break.
  2. The pink cherry blossoms in Washington DC where a gift from Japan in 1912. Japan sent more than 3000 seeds to be planted near the potomac river on a symbol of friendship between two nation Japan and USA.
  3. Tokugawa Tsunayoshi the dog Shagun was a 17th century Shagun of Japan who was so obsessed with dogs he commanded his people to protect dogs at work costs decreased the death penalty for anyone who dog insisted that dogs be addressed only in honorific terms and kept an estimated 50,000 dogs at the governments expense.
  4. Most Japanese school has no students custodians, instead students are expected to keep their buildings clean. The idea is that by taking responsibility for themselves kids will learn how to become more productive members of society.
  5. Japan convenience store clerk throw giant paintballs to the criminals who try to rubbed them, the crime'prevent colour paintballs are burst on impact to  make it easier to for police to track down theives.
  6. Some Japanese farmers are growing up square watermelon to make them  easier to stuck and Store.
  7. Huchinoko is a popular delicious food in some parts of Japan, its bees and wasps larvae cooked in soya sauce and sugar.
  8. There is a class of people in Japan referred to as cyber homeless people who lives at cyber cafes because there are cheapest alternative than an apartment the cafes offer the free showers and sell underwear.
  9. After the atomic bomb had been dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki 13% of USA people are in favour of killing of all Japanese people and after Japan surrendered 22.7% of Americans wished more atomic bomb had been dropped.
  10. An increasing the number of school and companies in Japan encourage their students and employees to cry as a way of relieving stress and improving mental health.These organization bring in professional known as nomida sensai to host activities and lectures about crying.
  11. There is a long history in Japan of female pearls drives who start diving at the age of 12-13 and active well into their 70s they are known as amma. They are enduring frezzing condition and great pressure from Deep sea deapths to get pearls and they have unique techniques in which they release air in long whistle as they resurface.
  12. Japan had made a special types of newspaper with Seeds in them so they can be grown up into a plant after being used. Japan has got solution of each and problem this country never fails to amaze us.
  13. There are a pet penguin named la la in Japan everyday he walks into the town by himself with a backpack and collects of fish from local fish market.
  14. In Japan doctors prescribed forest therapy for treatment of depression and anxiety the scent of tree's increase the activities of natural killer cells that enhances your immuno system which boosts resistance against stress.
  15. Any seafoods lover's out there? Here are some fast facts for you the top 3 consumer of seafoods per capita in the world are Iceland, Japan, Portugal and China alone the average person eats 45 pounds of seafoods per year.
  16. In Japan 685 kids rushed to hospital in 1997 after an intense Pokemon episode that caused dizziniess, vomiting and seizures.
  17. There is a resort in Japan located at top part of mountain peak from where you can see the sea of clouds floating below you.