20 Interesting Facts About Scotland


  1. Scotland is one of the most beautiful country of north Europe, which is called the country of hills. Scotland is situated in northern side of Great Britain.
  2. The area of ​​Scotland is 78,860 square km and the population is about 5.5 million. The most Scottish people are Christians.
  3. The national creature of Scotland is Unicorn.
  4. There are more than 790 islands in Scotland.
  5. The maximum Scottish people living in North America more than the total population of Scotland.
  6. Every year a large number of tourists are visiting Edinburgh. It is a very beautiful small city of Scotland.
  7. World first raincoats were discovered in Scotland. Edinburgh is the capital of scotland.
  8. The national drink of Scotland is whiskey. Scottish People are like whiskey and scotland whiskey is famous in the all over world.
  9. You will be surprised to know that about 54% people christians, 36% of the populations do not believe in any religion and rest 10% people believe in other religions.
  10. The scottish men and women both wear skirts and it is common for men to wear skirts.
  11. Scotland is famous in all over world for its natural beauty. In every year a large numbers of tourists visitors come here for visiting the beautiful location, new and old churches, gulf coast, beautiful hills. More than 40 gulf coast are present in the Glasgow city.
  12. About 13% population of scotland has red hair. There are three national languages ​ these are english, scots and scottish garden.
  13. The first international football match of the world was played in scotland in 1872 and two opponent teams were england and scotland.
  14. Scotland is surrounded by 9,910 km of sea border. Scotland has the most beautiful sea beaches in the world.
  15. The golf game invented in Scotland and it played from 15th century.
  16. Today you must used television, phone, etc in your daily life but do you know that television and phones was invented in Scotland.
  17. Scotland is about 7,692 km away from India. Scholand has the world's shortest flight journey about 7 kilometer between two island of this country one is Westray and another is Papa westray. It takes only 350 seconds.
  18. Scotland is a very beautiful country which is a group of 790 islands.
  19. "The church of scotland" is the national church of scotland.
  20. South East of Scotland has the highest number of blue-eyed people in the world.