21 Interesting Facts About Jupiter Planet

Jupiter planet
Jupiter planet
  1. Galileo galleli discovered the fourth planet of our solar system which name is Jupiter in 1610.
  2. The mass of the Jupiter Planet is about 1898103 trillion kilogram and it's Mediterranean linear diameter is about 142484 kilometer and polar diameter is 133709 kilometers.
  3. The distance from sun to Jupiter planet is about 77 million 83 lakh 40 thousand 821 kilometers.
  4. 1 year of Jupiter planet is equivalent to 11.86 years of earth. The Jupiter planet is known as giant planet.
  5. Jupiter is largest planet in our solar system it is visible from earth with naked eyes. The area of Jupiter is equal to three times area of earth.
  6. One day of Jupiter planet is equivalent to 9 hours 55 minutes of earth. The day duration of Jupiter planet is the shortest in our solar system.
  7. Jupiter planet is the fourth brightest planet in the solar system after sun, moon and Venus.
  8. The planet Jupiter looks like red planet due to volcanic storm which has been continuing for 350 years.
  9. Jupiter Planet is made up of 90% Hydrogen, 10% helium and some quantity of Methane, Water, Ammonia and dust particles.
  10. Jupiter Planet is known as the 'vacuum cleaner' of our solar system because it attracts all particles which comes from interstellar space.
  11. Jupiter is a very cold planet It's average temperature is about -145°C.
  12. Jupiter Planet have not a solid lands because it's made up with hydrogen gas. This planet is completely made of with gas clouds.
  13. Total 7 space ship sent to Jupiter planet for research purposes.
  14. The magnetic field of Jupiter planet is very strong due to heavy mass. On Jupiter weight will be 3 times more than the real weight.
  15. Gallelio galleli discovered four satellites of Jupiter planet these are Ganimede, Europa, Ayo and Calisto.
  16. Jupiter planet is unstable not quiet like earth. There are blowing a strong strom speed with 360 kilometers per hour.
  17. When ultraviolet rays of sunlight entered into Jupiter planet's atmosphere this UV rays change it's atmosphere colour.
  18. Jupiter planet is orange and brown colour due to presence of Ammonia crystal and ammonium hydroselfide in the atmosphere of Jupiter planet.
  19. Jupiter Planet is 11 times heavy than Earth. The total number of moon of Jupiter is 64 and Ganimede moon is largest moon in our solar system.
  20. Jupiter is the biggest planet of our Milky way galaxy, it is so big that if all the rest of the planet is added to each other then the joint planets will remain smaller than Jupiter.
  21. Total 9 space probes has been sent to Jupiter planet these are PIONEER 10, PIONEER 11, Voyager 1 & Voyager 2, Galileo, Ulysses , Cassini - Huygens , New Horizons and Juno 13.