23 Interesting Facts About Alaska

  1. USA bought Alaska from Russia in 1867 only just at 7 million USD.
  2. There are many volcanoes in Alaska more than 40 volcanoes are active. There are more than 5000 times earthquake in every year.
  3. Alaska is the coldest and most beautiful country in America. The temperature of Alaska is always at the frezzing point.
  4. The total area of Alaska is about 1.718 million km². The national currency of Alaska is USD. Russia is far away from alaska only for 2 miles.
  5. According to 2019 population count the total population of Alaska is about 8.98 lakhs.
  6. Alaska is largest state out of other 50 states of america.
  7. One cat was mayor in Alaska for about 15 years.
  8. Alaska is the largest province of America which area is equivalent to total area of Germany.
  9. There is a places in Alaska where pizza delivered by helicopter.
  10. Do you know a desert is exist in Alaska where located sand dunes which height is about 150 feet.
  11. Alaska has the highest glacier in america. There are present about 1 lakh tonnes glaciers so polar bears, black dears, blue whales are alive there.
  12. The total cost of america's central park is equivalent to total cost of alaska.
  13. Alaska provide 20% of the petroleum oil which used in the USA.
  14. The sun doesn't hide for 84 days in some parts of alaska.
  15. The Yuken River is largest river in Alaska and third largest river in America.
  16. Alaska is also known as a fish city of america because alaska export large amount of different types of fishes to USA.
  17. The restriction was removed from drugs in Alaska in 1975.
  18. Alaska has the highest number of rapes in America.
  19. The English keyboard of Alaska's all letters are written in continuosly formed .
  20. When the sun sets in Barrow town in November then sun doesn't rise for 65 days.
  21. Wrangell-St Elias park is the largest national park in the USA which located in Alaska. The total area of Wrangell-St Elias is about ​​17 million acres.
  22. The Alaska's state flag was designed by a 13 years old boy Benny Benson.
  23. Denali is the highest mountain of alaska which height is about 20,310 feet.