23 Interesting Facts About Denmark


  1. Denmark is a small beautiful european country which situated in northern part of Europe.
  2. The official language of Denmark is Danish. The phone code of this country is +47.
  3. The area of ​​Denmark is about 420,926 square km which is slightly smaller than Haryana, India.
  4. Denmark may be a small country in terms of land area but its sea surface area is about 7,314 km long.  
  5. Denmark land border meets with Germany and others part is meet with Atlantic Ocean.
  6. It is illegal to burn the flags of other countries but it is legal to burn the Denmark national flag.
  7. Denmark is a extremely low sea level country. Its highest mountain's height is only 170 meters.
  8. The capital of Denmark is Copenhagen, the population of Copenhagen is less than the number of cycles are present in this city.
  9. The number of pigs is more than the population of the whole country. The population of Denmark is about 57 lakhs.
  10. The currency of Denmark is called Danish Krone.  Currently One Danish krone is equivalent to 0.14 USD.
  11. According to the "World Happiness Report 2016" Denmark is the happiest country in the world.
  12. Denmark country is a group of islands It made up with more than 100 islands.
  13. Danish people are like to riding a bicycle rather than driving a car.
  14. In Denmark you cannot named your own child as your wish. The government of Denmark is providing a list of 7,000 names, from this list you can choose name for your own child.
  15. All citizens of Denmark's can swim because there are a swim course in primary school education.
  16. Denmark land's maximum far away from sea is 50 kilometer. Denmark people are known as Danish people.
  17. The crops production rate and agriculture education is rich quality so Denmark is a best country for farming.
  18. There is a mosque in Copenhagen where all workers are lady. The name of this mosque is Mariam.
  19. Denmark is number five less corrupted country in the world and another four countries are New Zealand, Finland, Sweden and Norway.
  20. Denmark's flag is the oldest flag in the world it's flag was drawn in 1219.
  21. Denmark was Christianized by King Haralld Bluetooth in 10th century.
  22. "Haralld Bluetooth" was the King of Denmark after his dead Bluetooth name came from him name.
  23. Greenland is the largest island in the world the area of ​​Greenland is 21,000,66 square kilometer which is more large than the area of Denmark about 51 times.