32 Interesting Facts About Pakistan

  1. Pakistan is a small beautiful Asian country. The total population of Pakistan is about 21 crores in 2019.
  2. The official currency of Pakistan is pakistani rupee currently the value of one pakistani rupee is 0.0065 USD.
  3. Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan. The Pakistan people are known as pakistani.
  4. The Hindu population was 24% in 1947 but now it has come down to 1% hindu population in Pakistan.
  5. Pakistan is the eighth most dangerous country in the world based on terrorist and insurgent activities.
  6. Pakistani makes more than 50% football of the world in sialkot about 4 to 6 crore football produced in every year. More than 60 languages ​​are spoken in Pakistan.
  7. Pakistan has the largest ambulance network in the world. Pakistan Army is the world's sixth largest Army.
  8. The world second highest mountain in the world is K2 which situated in Pakistan occupied Kashmir.
  9. Pakistan's educated rate has increased by 250% in the last five years. About 1 lakh people visit Pakistan in every year.
  10. Pakistan held a world record for the highest number of 7,50,000 trees planted in a single day.
  11. Pakistan has world's fourth largest Broadband Internet System. The first PC Virus was created by two Pakistani brothers.
  12. Pakistan became the first Islamic country who achieved Nuclear Power on 28 May in 1998.
  13. Pakistan celebrates its Independence Day on 14 August. The official name of Pakistan is "Islamic Republic of Pakistan".
  14. Pakistan celebrated it's Republic day on 23 March which is called "Pakistan Day".
  15. Pakistan has achieved only two Nobel Prizes.
  16. Pakistan will become largest Muslim country in the world in 2030.
  17. Pakistan is at number one in porn searching country the world.
  18. There are about 20 million Internet users in Pakistan about 11% of the Pakistani public using Internet.
  19. The world's largest man-made forest is "Hega Manga Forest" situated in Pakistan.
  20. Pakistan's national anthem tune is number one favourite national anthem tune in the world. Suparco is the the national space agency of Pakistan.
  21. Pakistan's most popular sport is cricket and pakistan won the ICC World Cup in 1992 and T20 World Cup in 2009.
  22. Pakistan does not give visa to any citizens who want to visit Israel because pakistani foreign ministry does not consider Israel as the country.
  23. If you study in Pakistan and your studies cost more than 2 lakh rupees per annum then you will pay 5% tax to the pakistani government.
  24. You do not need any qualification to become a President in Pakistan But if you want to get job in a school then you must provide your qualifications.
  25. Boys and girls cannot live together before marriage it is an illegal activities in Pakistan.
  26. The national language of Pakistan is Urdu, while the official language is English. 
  27. Pakistan's film industry is called Lollywood. Generally Lollywood films are made in Urdu, Pashto and Punjabi languages.
  28. After India's independence Indian Army won three wars against Pakistan in 1948, 1965 and 1971.
  29. Benazir Bhutto became the first woman Prime Minister in Pakistan as well as the first woman Prime Minister of any Muslim country.
  30. Mohenjo Daro, Harappa, Juniper Shafat Cave, Murghagulla Gharara Cave and Mughal Cave are best archaeological sites in Pakistan. About 1 lakh people visiting Pakistan in every year.
  31. The total length of Pakistan railways is about 7,789 km.
  32. 38% of Kashmir is ingoing by Pakistan on 24 October in 1947. This occupied region name is different in differents countries such as Pakistanis are called Azad Kashmir but Indians are called Pakistan Occupied Kashmir(POK).