33 Interesting Facts About Argentina

  1. The Area of Argentina is about 2,780,400 square km. Argentina is the eighth largest country in the world.
  2. The "Argentina" name comes argentum which means silver in Latin language. After lunch every youngsters and children go home for sleep.
  3. Argentina is a beautiful south american country the capital of argentina is Buenos Aires.
  4. The national currency of argentina is Argentine peso currently the value of one argentina peso is 0.016 USD. The Argentine peso introduced in 1992.
  5. Argentina has seven different regions are Cuyo, Pampas, Pantagonia, Mesopotamia, Gran-Chaco and Sierrus Pampanus.
  6. Horse game is the national game of Argentina but football is popular game in argentina.
  7. Argentina has won more International Polo Championships rather than another country.
  8. Argentina has second largest cow meat market in the world after Hongkong city of china.
  9. Argentina's Ushuaia city is the southest city in the world.
  10. Argentina is the first country in the world to using of fingerprints for detect a person.
  11. Argentina's Lionel Messi is the greatest football player in the world.
  12. Argentina's government was established on July 9 in 1816 after declaring his independence from Spain.
  13. The total population of Argentina is about 55 millions in 2019. Argentina have a world record on changing of president for five times in during of two weeks.
  14. Argentina's animation director "Kirino Cristiano" is remembered for making the first animated film in the world. He made his first animated movie 'El Apostol' in 1917.
  15. Pope Francis is the 266th pope of the Roman Catholic Church who is a first non-european person served in catholic Church in Argentina.
  16. Argentina was the 10th richest nation in the world in 1913 but now it's ranked in 54th position. Argentina's economy is the second largest economy in South America.
  17. Argentina was the first south american country who legalized the gay marriage. This law was passed in 2010.
  18. The "Aconcagua Mountain" is the highest point in South America which situated in Argentina. The height of Aconcagua Mountain is about 6,962 meter.
  19. Argentina have most noble prize winners in South America five people have won Nobel Prizes in science and peace.
  20. Argentina's government sent a pregnant mother to Antarctica for creat a world record of "first baby born in antartica" in 1977.
  21. Divorce has been legal in Argentina since 1987 and now Argentina's the divorce rate is the highest in the world.
  22. Pampas is the biggest grassland in Argentina where cattle, sheeps are gazing by shepherd.
  23. Argentinians are liking to used the public transport instead of driving their own cars.
  24. "Diego Maradona" has his own religion which named "oll" created by his fans. Argentina's "Diego Maradona" is a famous football player in the world.
  25. In 2012 world's first child who is legally identified his two fathers in Argentina.
  26. Argentina is located in the Southern part of equatorial line so  its climates are completely opposite of Northern part of equtorial line. When summer time in the United States winter in Argentina.
  27. The average person spends more than 20 hours listening the radio in Argentina.
  28. Argentina is the most wine-producing countries in the world. There are 1800 factories for the production of alcohol.
  29. Iguazu waterfall is the largest waterfall in Argentina which is larger than Niagra waterfalls.
  30. The national language of Argentina is Spanish and second most spoken language is English.
  31. Around 80% of goods are imported and exported through the Buenos Airport.
  32. Wheat is the national crop of Argentina. Argentina is the fifth wheat exporter in the world.
  33. The oldest plants of the world is the leveravoort plant about 472 million years old in Argentina.