34 Interesting Facts About Italy

  1. Italy is the second oldest country in Europe after Greece. The total population of Italy is 90 lakhs.
  2. Area of Italy is about 3 lakh 1300 square kilometre.
  3. Euro is the national currency of Italy currently the value of one euro is equivalent to 1.10 USD.
  4. Italy established as a state in 1861 but after the second world war it became a democratic country on 10 June in 1946.
  5. The color of each gondola boat is black in Venice of Italy, this is a strict law in Italy.
  6. In Millan city has a special rule, to keep smile on every important occasion,such as going somewhere and meeting someone, this rule does not apply while going to the crematorium and hospital.
  7. The grave yard of "Falciano del Massico" city has been filled.
  8. A man was arrested just because he was wearing a skirt at a public place in Italy.
  9. "The republic of Rose island" is the smallest country in the world In 1968 this country was established by an Italian.
  10. Italy is a developed country but one third population of Italy never used internet.
  11. Argentina is based on South America continent but 37% population are Italian.
  12. The capital of Italy is Rome which is the largest city of the country it founded on 2772 years ago.
  13. VaticanCity is the smallest country in the world but it's borders are protected by Italy.
  14. Italy has the highest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world. There are 50 historical sites in Italy.
  15. The economy of Italy is the 8th largest economy in the world.
  16. Italy has 2 independent countries one is Vatican City and another is San Marino. The Vatican City is the smallest country in the world.
  17. About 80 percent of Italy is surrounded by forests, mountains and hills.
  18. More than 50 million tourists are visiting the Italy in every year. Tourist industry is the main source of economy in Italy.
  19. About 64% of the total economy of Italian government is getting from the tourist industry.
  20. In Italy about 85% of people follow Roman Catholic.
  21. Largest quantity of alcohol is produced in Italy but largest quantity of alcohol is consuming in USA.
  22. There are about 550 small islands out of these Poveglia Island is the most dangerous island which is called "the Island of Death".
  23. The Soccer game is the most popular game in Italy and Italy won the World Cup for 4 times.
  24. The first woman who did PhD named "Elena Lucrezia Piscopia" she completed his PhD degree in 1678.
  25. The world first Piano was made in Italy. Due to tourists, 51% of Italians cannot afford a holiday.
  26. The Bolona University is the oldest University in the Europe this university situated in 1080 AD.
  27. Everyday thousands of Italian people thrown about €3000 Euro into Trevi Fountain.
  28. A restaurant is built in a cave in Italy. This is a very popular restaurant in Italy.
  29. The fork spoon was first used in Italy for eating the Italian pasta.
  30. An Italian billionaire gave his $ 13 million dollar property to his cat.
  31. The longest tunnel is about 57 kilometer in the world, which runs from Switzerland to Italy.
  32. In 2013 an Italian man wanted to go to jail to escape from his wife.
  33. Almost half of Italian divorce case solved by Whatsapp witness.
  34. In first world war about 6 lakhs soldiers died and 10 lakhs soilders injured in Italy.