39 Interesting Facts About Russia


  1. Russia is largest country in the world which situated in two continents one is asia and another is europe.
  2. The volga river is the national river of Russia.
  3. Russia is a transcontinental country(lies between two continents). The total area of Russia is about 17,075,400 square km.
  4. The currency of Russia is rubble and currently one rubel is equivalent to 0.016 USD.
  5. Russia has evening in one part and another part is day.
  6. Russia has the highest number of nuclear weapons in the world. The total number of nuclear weapons is about 8,400.
  7. Russia has 20% pure water in Baikal lake of total pure water of world.
  8. Every Russian drinks 18 liters of beer in every year.
  9. Russia has 9 million women which is more than the total population of men.
  10. Eating and drinking free in a Russian coffee house but he takes fees for time spent. This coffee house takes 3 rubels for one minute.
  11. The last point of Russia is away from America remains only 4 km.
  12. The area of Russia is larger than the Pluto. Russia has 1/7th area of our planet.
  13. America bought Alaska from Russia only 45 crores 81 lakh rupees in 1867.
  14. About 110 people of Russia keep 35 percent of total economics of this country.
  15. The Imperial Russian Olympic team arrived 12 days late for their games in 1908  because they were not using the Gregorian calendar.
  16. The current president of Russia is Vladimir Putin.
  17. The highest record of giving birth of children is named by a russian women had 69 children.
  18. Russia sent the first satellite to space was  Sputnik-1 in 1957 February 4.
  19. In every year more than 5 lakh deaths in russia due to alcohol consumption.
  20. Russian teachers have taken vodka as salary.
  21. Siberia has 25% of the world's total forest. The area of Siberia is 5.2 million square miles.
  22. The metro system of Moscow has the fastest traffic maintenance because metro trains are scheduled after every 90 seconds.
  23. St. Petersburg's metro is the deepest metro in the world and its deepest station is
  24. Admiralteyskaya about 86 meters below from surface of earth.
  25. Moscow has the highest number millionaires in the world.
  26. In the Russian language, 'a' or 'the' is not used, which is also good because it create a lot of doubt.
  27. The Urals rock is the world's oldest mountain which situated in Russia.
  28. Russia is the only one country in the world whose border touches 12 seas and 7 countries.
  29. Moscow Christ Cathedral is tallest and largest Church in the world it can hold up to 5,000,6000 people at a time.
  30. Moscow is the largest city in Europe it's population about 16 million.
  31. Russia has the highest amount of uranium about 695 tonnes.
  32. Russia has the world's second largest natural gas mining about 1,163 trillion cubic feet.
  33. The Russian State Library is the largest library in Europe and second in the world after the Congress Library of USA.
  34. Russia has more than 100 nationalities among which Russians, Ukrainians, Tatars, Bashkirs and prominent etc.
  35. The world's largest active volcano is the "Klyuchevskaya Sopka" in Russia it's height about 4,750 meters.
  36. Vodka was first discovered in russia in 1448, vodka name originated from voda+ka voda means water and ka means wheat.
  37. Russia used the maximum number of timezones . The total number of timezones is 9.
  38. The Volga river is the longest river in Europe length about 3,690 km. The river flows through central Russia to Caspian Sea.
  39. The total One-third area of Russian land is covered by forest.