41 Interesting Facts About France

  1. France is the largest country in Europe continent and the 43rd largest country in the world.
  2. The people of france are called French and also the national language of france is French.
  3. The total population of france is about 8.5 crores.
  4. According to the French law you can marry with a dead person. It is illegal to kiss anyone at a railway station in france.
  5. On 2 August 1830 "Louis Anthonie" is a king of france who ruled in france only for 20 minutes. The Paris is the capital of France.
  6. It is illegal you can't choose nepolean name for your pig.
  7. Around 4,700 varieties of cheese are made in France. The shape of this country is a hexagonal. 
  8. Homosexuality is legal in France it is the first country in the world who accepted homosexuality.
  9. French people love to eat snakes, frog legs and horse meat.
  10. The currency of France is Euro currently the value of One Euro is equivalent to 1.10 USD.
  11. GDP of France is about $ 2.6 trillion dollars which is the 10th largest GDP in the world.
  12. In France you cannot throw your extra food it is mandatory to donate this food.
  13. France is a wealthy country because almost every person in France has an income of about $ 537,000 per annum.
  14. France is one of the five permanent members of the UNO Security Council.
  15. It is illegal in france to capture photo of a police officer or police vehicles
  16. According to a survey 44% population of france is atheists they don't follow any relegion.
  17. Until 1964 French woman couldn't get her bank account and passport without her husband's permission.
  18. The name 'France' is derived from the Latin word 'Francia', which means - 'Land of the Franks'.
  19. The decorating of Christmas tree in Christmas occasion this idea come from eastern france in 16th century.
  20. The property tax of France is higher than any other European country.
  21. Do you know potatoes were illegal in france in 1748 to 1772.
  22. In France the colour of eggs are brown.The first number plate used for cars in France.
  23. Wine is the most commonly consumed beverages in France. Wine made in France for the last 2000 years.
  24. French people are sleeping for long time in the world. The French people begin their new year from September month.
  25. The Eiffel Tower is painted once in every seven years. It was built in 1889. The Eiffel Tower has 1665 stairs.
  26. 15% of the French population is fat. France has won 67 Nobel Prizes. France is the most innovative country in Europe.
  27. All the vehicle goes on the right side of the road.
  28. The world's first scientific conference was held in France on 2 February 1799.
  29. France hosted the 1998 FIFA World Cup not only this this country also won this FIFA World Cup.
  30. The first digital watch, hot air balloon, and parachute were invented in France.
  31. In 17th centuries france was one of the most powerful countries in the world.
  32. France is the most traveled country in the world. In every year about  50 millions people come for tourism.
  33. France declared human rights in 1789. France had been ruled over 8.6% area of the world it comes after england.
  34. France is the fourth country to conduct a nuclear test after the USA, Russia and England did test in 1960.
  35. The tradition wearing white suits at weddings in France was available from 1499 AD.
  36. About 1.3 million French soldiers and civilians were killed and millions were seriously injured and thousands were missing in first world war.
  37. On July 14 in 1789 french people was ended monarchy and established a democracy country.
  38. Equality, freedom and brotherhood dialogue came from french freedom fighters.
  39. The peak point of France is about 6000 feet situated in south-eastern France.
  40. The "Louvre Museum" is the highest visited museum in the world because original monalisa painting is available here.
  41. France is the second most cultivated country in Europe after Denmark.