42 Interesting Facts About England


  1. England is a beautiful small european country but it situated on the island of great Britain. London is the capital of England.
  2. England has ruled over 88% of the world's land. This country has ruled over 50 more countries including India, Kenya, srilanka, nepal and some african country.
  3. London was burnt in a terrible fire in 1666. The total population of england is about 7 crores.
  4. There are 8,500 indian restaurants which is 15% of all restaurants of this country.
  5. It is legal for children to consume alcohol at home or other private areas in United Kingdom.
  6. London is the first underground metro city in the world . The currency of england is Pound sterling currently One pound sterling is equivalent to 1.30 USD.
  7. Queen Elizabeth ruled in the United Kingdom for maximum duration. Do you know that when queen come to India don't need visa.
  8. The oldest house of London is "Cloth Fair" about 6,000 years old. This house was exist from civil war.
  9. The maximum time limit for television advertisements is 12min/1hr.
  10. In United Kingdom more than 30% of women abortion in their lifetime.
  11. When Scotland was added with england in 1707 that time scotland was knew as great Britain.
  12. England is the most populated country in the United Kingdom.
  13. The official name of the United Kingdom is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
  14. The coastline of the United Kingdom is about 7,700 miles.
  15. About 60% people's of United Kingdom are Christians.
  16. The official language of United Kingdom is english. There are several regional languages are Welsh, Irish, Spanish, Cornish, and Scottish Gaelic.
  17. French was the official language of England for about 400 years.
  18. Any point of United Kingdom is maximum far away about 75 miles from coastline.
  19. Buckingham Palace has its own police station.
  20. There are more chickens rather than the total population of England.
  21. The world's first rail line was invented in the United Kingdom.
  22. It is estimated that more than 80,000 umbrellas have been lost in London in every year.
  23. The United Kingdom is a group of some countries these are Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England.
  24. More than 30,000 people are named by John Smith in England.
  25. Land area of england is 74 times smaller than the area of America and 59 times smaller than Australia and 3 times smaller than Japan.
  26. The highest temperature of england is 7°C while daily temperatures in May and June in India are often around 40°C.
  27. India is the largest producer of tea in the world but England is the largest impoter country in the world.
  28. Windsor Castle is the oldest and largest royal house in the world.
  29. The queen of England has the right to killed any fish, whales and dolphins in area of england national waterline.
  30. JK.Rowling wrote the Harry Potter series.
  31. Currently 25% of people are foreigners are living in London.
  32. Since 827 AD there have been 74 kings and queens of England.
  33. Most of the games have started in England such as football, cricket, rugby, hockey, archery etc. Football is the most popular sport in England.
  34. The British museum is the oldest and largest museum in the world.
  35. Southern England is colder than Northern England and eastern england receives more rainfall than the western england.
  36. The word England is derived from the name of the Angles tribe. The angles tribes migrated from Germany and Denmark and settled in England around 2200 years ago. Later these Angles tribes were called English man.
  37. If a person celebrates his 100th year birthday he will receive a personal congratulatory letter from the Queen.
  38. The Queen's birthday is celebrated in every year for a first weekend of June. Royal wedding is often a holiday in england.
  39. Stonehenge was built about 3,000 years ago and it is older than the Great Pyramids of Egypt.
  40. The world's largest Italian restaurant is located in UK.
  41. After host of the 2012 olympics London became the first city to host the olympics  for three times.
  42. Britain is the only one country in the world which haven't a written constitution.