43 Funny Facts About Animals

  1. Ostrich is the largest bird in the world and it's brain is larger than it's eyes.
  2. A cockroach can live without head for 9 days but after nine days it will die due to hunger.
  3. Butterflies take taste by their feet.
  4. Do you know that the polar bears are left armed.
  5. A cat's urine is shining under black light.
  6. The average heartbeat of Hedgehog is 300 times in one minute.
  7. Pigs can't see sky because pig's neck is not movable.
  8. The camel has three layers on eyes for protect his eye's from sand strom.
  9. In 1386 a pig was hanged by a french people people for murdered a child.
  10. According to medical science 90% of human medicine is applicable on gorillas.
  11. Human being is most intelegent animals in the world.
  12. Porpoise is the second intelegent animals in the world and first intelegent animals in water.
  13. A small Australian duck-billed platypus can store 600 insects in its cheeks at one time.  Their cheeks have a special bags.
  14. Cats sleep more than 18 hours per day but not deep sleep as humans.
  15. If a small amount of alcohol is put on a scorpion then it will go crazy and prick itself. Scorpions can hold breath for 6 days.
  16. Dogs and cats are also left or right armed like humans.
  17. Cats produce about 1,000 types sounds while dogs can only make 10 types of sounds.
  18. People spend 3 lakh 57 billion rupees on their pet dogs and cats in every year.
  19. Cats can jump up to 7 times height than their length of tail. A cat has 32 muscles in its ear.
  20. The total population of human being equivalent to total population of hen.
  21. Cow gives much milk while she listing a song.
  22. A cow produces more 200 times gas than the human being.
  23. Giraffes sleep for only 20 minutes in one day sometimes he sleeps even for 2 hours but it is rare.
  24. Lion's cub cannot roar at 2 years old. A wild lion hunts 20 animals in every year.
  25. Penguin's body has a amazing ability to turn salt water into clean water.
  26. Dinosaurs was living on the earth for 1615 million years.
  27. Giraffes can run faster than horses and alive without water more time than camels.
  28. Camels milk does not change into curd. Camel drinks 94 litres water at one time in 3 minutes.
  29. Sea algae produce 50% oxygen of the world's total oxygen.
  30. There is a species of deer in China and south Korea which called Water Deer. Water Deer's calf is so small that you can put them on your palm.
  31. Turtles, sea snakes, crocodiles and dolphins can drown if they go to deeper part of sea.
  32. India has more than 10 crores buffaloes which is more than any animal.
  33. Humans have 32 teeth but bears have 42 teeth.
  34. The elephant's penis weight is about 60 kilogram.
  35. A dairy of 2500 cows produce more waste than a city where 4 lakhs people are live.
  36. The male sea horse can be pregnant and birth to a baby.
  37. The tongue of a giraffe is so long that it can also clean it's ear.
  38. A rat can alive without water for longer time than a camel.
  39. If a snail loses it's one eye he can generate another eye.
  40. Elephants have excellent smelling power it can observe anything from three miles away.
  41. Owl is only one animal in the world who can see only blue colour.
  42. Blue whale is the largest animal in the world but blue whale heart is pumping for 9 times in one minute.
  43. Hummingbird is the smallest bird in the world and it can fly in opposite direction.