Firon dead body history

Firon dead body
Firon dead body

  • History of Firon dead body

An ancient human body found near the red sea in Egypt in 1898. The dead body was well-formed even after thousands years. Everyone become surprised after see this dead body and want to know the mystery of this dead body. After one hundred year Egyptian government want to know real truth behind this the dead body. In 1981 Egyptian government sent dead body to France for research purposes and Dr. Maurice bucaille was took responsibility of this research.
After many years Dr. Maurice bucaille concluded that this person died due to sea water because he found sea salt in dead body but this is not surprising  things. Surprising things was, why this body does not destroyed after thausands years? After somedays Dr. Maurice bucaille knew before his research some muslim people was saying, according to Quran this person died due to sea water and this dead body was a Pharaoh of Egypt whose name was Firon.

  • Truth behind the Firon dead body

Dr Maurice become suprised, only 83 years before dead body was discovered in 1898 and he research in 1981 but how to wrote in Quran before 1400 years ago. Dr. Maurice and other scientists could not find any scientific reason for the survival of this dead body. Due to carbon dating Dr Maurice knew this dead body was 3000 years old so he decided to study the Bible. When Dr Maurice read the Full Bible he knew firon was a Pharaoh of Egypt, firon and his army sunk in red sea but there was no mention about Firon dead body.
In 1991 Dr Maurice reached at Saudi Arabia for attend a big medical seminar. He asked his questions about Firon dead body and a muslim doctor clear all doubts about Firon dead body and Dr Maurice impressed. After return to France Dr Maurice changed his relegion to muslim and he wrote many research paper about scientific reasons behind the Quran.

Mystery facts about Firon

  1. The real name of firon was MUSAB BIN WALID.
  2. Firon was a Pharaoh of Egypt before 3000 years ago but he always claimed that I am God.
  3. Firon dead body kept in the Royal Mummies Chamber of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.
  4. Firon dead body is amazingly preserved without any mummyfication.
  5. The height of firon was five feet. He was born - death in 873 - 955 and died in 82 aged.
  6. Hazrat Musa Alaihissalam was a prophet of muslim in the era of Firon.
  7. After Firon died his body was not destroyed it is growing up.
  8. In every year wild rats are released on Firon dead body for his growing meat which eaten by wild rats on 14 March. If you see the dead body of firon you will feel as a man is asleep.
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