Interesting Facts About Indian Premier League (IPL 2020)

Indian premier league
Indian premier league
  1. The Indian premier league (IPL) established by Lalit Modi in 2008 who was a former member of BCCI.
  2. IPL started on 23 September in 2008 and the first winner team was Rajasthan Royals.
  3. The Indian premier league is the most famous cricket league in the world.
  4. The Indian premier league first broadcasted on YouTube in 2010.
  5. Indian Premier League was more popular and interesting by Brandon Mccullum by scoring 158 runs in the first match of the IPL.
  6. Do you know that Suresh Raina has caught the most catches in IPL.
  7. Anil Kumble is the only one player in IPL who achieved the Man of the Match even though he played from lossing team.
  8. Harbhajan Singh has returned to pavilion without score for 12 times.
  9. The most loosing team in IPL final is chennai super kings for five times out of twelve seasons.
  10. Zaheer Khan is the first player of IPL who played 500 matches.
  11. Royal challengers Bangalore holds the highest score record is 263 and lowest score record is 49.
  12. Manish Pandey is the first Indian player who scored a century in IPL.
  13. Yuvraj Singh auctioned at Rs 16 crores in 2015 IPL while the IPL prize money was 15 crores.
  14. Yusuf Pathan is the fastest IPL player who scored 100 runs in 37 balls.
  15. Delhi Daredevils team is most loosing team in IPL and never reach to final.
  16. Piyush Chawla bowled 400 overs in IPL without any no ball.
  17. According to BCCI report Indian premier league donate 182 millions dollars to Indian economy in 2015.
  18. Delhi Daredevils team changed his name to Delhi capital in 2019.
  19. Mumbai Indians team has been played maximum number of matches in IPL.
  20. Sachin Tendulkar and virat kohli are the most valuable player in IPL.
  21. Shrisant has been banned by BCCI for lifetime in 2013 IPL season due to match fixing but in 2019 this punishment withdrwaled by BCCI.
  22. When chennai super kings team banned for two years Ms dhoni joined in Rising Pune super jents team as a captain.
  23. Chennai super kings team won the IPL trophy for four times but Mumbai Indians won it for five times.
  24. Indian Premier League 2020 was started on May 23 and first match play between Chennai super kings and Royal challengers Bangalore.
2020 IPL held in UAE cinfirmed by BCCI and match shedule will release very soon.