29 Interesting Facts About Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka
  1. The shape of Sri Lanka is like a drop of pearl so Sri Lanka is called the Pearl of Indian Ocean.
  2. The Srilanka's flag is representing so many things- lion represent the strength and courage of nation, Orange colour is signifying the all Sri Lankan Tamils, Green colour is signifying the Sri Lankan Moors, Maroon colour is signifying the Sinhalese majority, The four bo leaves are signifying the Buddhism.
  3. Sri Lanka was first colonised by the Portuguese in Ceylon island of Indian Ocean in 1505.
  4. Sri Lanka is the world’s fourth largest tea producer country after China, India and Kenya.
  5. Ceylon tea is the most exported product of Sri Lanka.
  6. The total Area of Srilanka is about 65,610 sq km. Srilanka has 13,640 km coastline which touching with Indian Ocean.
  7. Srilanka got her independence on 4th February in 1948 from British rule.
  8. The official name of Srilanka is Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.
  9. The National anthem of Srilanka is "Sri Lanka Matha" which written by  Ananda Samarakoon in 1940.
  10. Srilankan rupee is the national currency of Srilanka and currently the value of one USD is equivalent to 183 srilakan rupee.
  11. The Srilanka is far from India only for 31 km from Danhuskunthi, Tamilnadu.
  12. Sri Lanka's name was 'Ceylon' till 1505, which was changed to 'lanka' in 1972 and in 1978 it was replaced to 'Sri Lanka'.
  13. The hindu mythological book Ramayana was the first historical book where Srilanka described in details.
  14. Shrimavo Bhandarnayake was the first woman Prime Minister of Sri Lanka. She was elected as a prime minister in 1960.
  15. The most electricity of Srilanka is producing from water springs.
  16. Anuradhapura is an ancient city of Sri Lanka which was the capital of Srilanka in 1400 AD.
  17. There is a Buddhist temple in Kandy where preserved a original tooth of Lord Buddha.
  18. Sri Jayavardhanpura Quota is the capital of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has 9 states with 25 districts.
  19. Sinhala and Tamil are the two official languages ​​of Sri Lanka.
  20. The population of Sri Lanka is about 5 crores in 2020 and this country ranked in 57th populated country in the world.
  21. Sri Lanka's Visa is the least powerful passports in the world. Its citizens can visit only 47 countries on arrival Visa.
  22. 70 percent of Sri Lankans are Buddhist while 13 percent are Hindu, 10 percent are Muslim and 7 percent are Christian.
  23. The Buddhist religion was promoted by the great Ashoka's son Mahendra in third century.
  24. Volleyball is the national sport of Srilanka but srilankans are like cricket. The Srilanka cricket team won the ICC World Cup in 1996.
  25. Adams peak is the highest point of Sri Lanka which height is about 2,524 meter.
  26. The Colombo international airport is the only one international airport in srilanka.
  27. Arrack is the most popular drinks in srilanka which made from fruits, coconut, rice and sugarcanes.
  28. Srilanka is connected with India by Adams bridge which constructed by lord Shri Ram.
  29. Sri Lanka is the only one country in the world where you can see the world’s largest land and marine mammals the elephant and the blue whale in a single day.