29 Interesting Facts About Venezuela

  1. The official name of Venezuela is "Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela" it situated in South America.
  2. Venezuela's flag have three colours these are yellow,red and blue. The yellow colour represents wealth, the blue colour represents the sea, and the red colour dedicated to freedom fighters.
  3. Venezuela is a federal presidential constitutional republic country.
  4. Venezuela is the oldest democracy country in South America. Venezuela is divided into 23 states.
  5. The international border of Venezuela is meet up with three countries Guyana, brazil, Colombia.
  6. The total area of Venezuela is about  912,050 km² and it ranked for 34th largest country in the world.
  7. Venezuela got his independence from Spain Empire on 5th July in 1811. There are situated three UNESCO World Heritage site in Venezuela.
  8. Pico Bolivar is the highest mountain peak of Venezuela which height is about 4,978 meter.
  9. Venezuela people are known as Venezuelan people. Spanish language is the official language of Venezuela.
  10. The total population of Venezuela is about 32.65 million. The Venezuelan are 0.35% of total population of the world and it is ranking for 43rd largest populous country in the world.
  11. Caracas city is the capital of Venezuela and it's population is about 26 lakhs.
  12. Petro is the official currency of Venezuela currently One USD is equivalent to 65 petro.
  13. The total GDP of Venezuela is about 500 billion USD. Venezuela's 90% GDP depends on the exported products.
  14. Steel, cement, aluminum, chemicals and agricultural products are major exported products of Venezuela.
  15. Venezuela has only two seasons summer and winter.
  16. Venezuela discovered by Christopher Columbus in 15000 years ago and first colonized by Spain in 1500 AD.
  17. Canaima National Park is the largest national parks in the world which is situated in Venezuela.
  18. Venezuelan students can choose there schooling time either morning or afternoon, it's fully depends on the student.
  19. Water bottles are so expensive than same quantity of oil in Venezuela and Saudi Arabia. Venezuela has the largest oil reserved area in the world.
  20. Venezuelan women won the Miss Universe for six times and the Miss World for five times.
  21. "The Simpsons" television show is banned in Venezuela.
  22. Joropo dance is the national folkdance of Venezuela.
  23. Baseball is the most popular sport in Venezuela. Venezuela won the "IBAF 15U Baseball World Championship" in 2009.
  24. 96% Venezuelans people are following the Roman Catholics relegion.
  25. The unemployment rate of Venezuela is about 8.1%. The total literacy rate of Venezuela is about 93.5%.
  26. Angel Falls is the highest waterfalls in the world which height is about 3230 feet.
  27. Maracaibo lake is the largest lake of South America which located in Venezuela and it's area is about 13,210 km².
  28. Maracaibo lake is most lightning area of the world where the Catatumbo river flows into Maracaibo lake.
  29. Rio Negro is the longest river in Venezuela which length is about 1,386 miles.