30 Interesting Facts About Afghanistan

  1. The official name of Afghanistan is "Islamic Republic of Afghanistan" it in southern Asia.
  2. Pashto language is the official language of Afghanistan.
  3. The international border of Afghanistan is meet up with four countries Pakistan, Iran, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan.
  4. Afghanistan got her independence on 19th August 1909 from Britain.
  5. Kabul city is the largest city of Afghanistan which situated at the banks of River Kabul.
  6. The total area of Afghanistan is about 652,230 km² and it ranked for 41st country in the world.
  7. The National flag of Afghanistan have three colour these are red, black and green. Red colour represent the blood of freedom fighters, green colour represent the prosperity & muslim religion and black colour represent the dark past of Afghanistan history.
  8. Afghanistan people are called Afghans. The total population of Afghanistan is about 23.93 crore and it is ranking for 37th largest populous country in the world.
  9. "God is greatest" anthem is the national anthem of Afghanistan which written by Abdul Bari and music composed by Babrak Wassa.
  10. There are two UNESCO world heritage sites in Afghanistan. Theses sites are the Minaret of Jam and the Buddhas of Bamiyan.
  11. Kabul city is the capital of Afghanistan and it's population is about 45 lakhs.
  12. The Herat Citadel also known as the Citadel of Alexander and locally known as Qala Iktyaruddin which built in 330 BC. The Herat Citadel is located in the center of the Heart city of Afghanistan.
  13. Afghan afghani is the official currency of Afghanistan currently One USD is equivalent to 76.43 Afghan afghani.
  14. Total GDP of Afghanistan is 19.02 billion USD. 36% Afghans lives below the poverty line.
  15. According to UNICEF 50% Afghans gets married at the age of 15 years, 33% get married at age of 18.
  16. Buzkashi sport is the national game of Afghanistan. Buzkashi sport means goat grabbing by horse riding.
  17. Bamiyan caves is the oldest oil painting caves in the world which situated in Afghanistan.
  18. Islam is the official religion of Afghanistan and 90 percent of the people believe in Islam.
  19. Afghans people don't eat pork and don't drink alcohol.
  20. The Amu Darya River is the longest river in Afghanistan which length is about 879 miles.
  21. The world's two largest buddha statue were situated in Afghanistan but Taliban are destroyed it in 2001.
  22. Afghans are celebrating their New year on 21st April which is the first day of springs season.
  23. Poetry is an important part of the Afghans culture it is existed before 1000 years ago.
  24. Afghanistan was inhabited before 9000 years ago.
  25. Shops and businesses remain closed on Friday because this day is considered a holy day in Islam religion.
  26. Fasting and prayer are necessary during Ramadan month if anyone disobey, he will punished by national court of Afghanistan.
  27. Girls and women were banned from going to school during Taliban ruled.
  28. More than half of Afghanistan's population uses the Internet.
  29. The Hindukush mountain is the highest mountain in Afghanistan which  height is about 18,000 feet.
  30. Modern Afghanistan was discovered by Ahmed Shah Durrani in 1747.