33 Interesting Facts About Cuba

  1. The official name of Cuba is "The Republic Of Cuba" it situated in North America.
  2. Cuba is made up with more than 4,000 carribbean islands and caves.
  3. The international border of Cuba is meet up with five countries West Indies, Mexico, Bahamas, Florida and United States.
  4. Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean sea. The total area of Cuba is about 109,884 km² and it ranked for 31st country in the world.
  5. The total population of Cuba is about 2 crore and it is ranking for 81th largest populous country in the world.
  6. Havana city is the capital of cuba and it's population is about 25 lakhs.
  7. Cuba is the 16th largest populous island country in the world.
  8. Cuban peso is the official currency of cuba and currently One USD is equivalent to 1 Cuban peso.
  9. The total GDP of cuba is 1503.28 billion dollars.
  10. The Literacy rate of Cuba is 99.8% and it is the highest educated country in the world.
  11. The shape of cuba island is like a crocodile so this country is also known as "El Coccodrillo" or "El Cama" in Spanish language.
  12. Humming Bird is the smallest bird in the world and this birds are located only in cuba.
  13. Coca-Cola products are selling and buying have banned in Cuba and north korea from 1950.
  14. It is illegal in cuba to take any photo of military, police or airport employees.
  15. Bolero, mambo, and cha-cha dance is most popular dance in cuba.
  16. Cuba got her independence from the USA on May 20 in 1902.
  17. Spanish language is the official language of Cuba.
  18. Cuba was a Spanish colony until the Spanish - American War. The Spanish-American war was started in 1898 and end in 1902.
  19. On the New Year's celebration Cubans people burn the dolls because they want to end all bad things and awaiting for new.
  20. Every Cubans people receives an average salary of just 20 USD Per month.
  21. Cuba is producing best quality of sugar from sugarcanes so Cuba is known as Sugar Bowl of the world.
  22. There are 250 museums are situated in Cuba. Cuba has more than 150 nuclear weapons.
  23. Baseball is the most popular sport in Cuba.
  24. From 2007 Gender reassignment surgery have legalized in Cuba.
  25. In Cuba didn't have any official holiday on Christmas day until 1997.
  26. Cuba receives 100,000 barrels of oil from Venezuela in every day.
  27. There are 9 world heritage sites in cuba which are certified by UNESCO.
  28. Cuba discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492.
  29. Manjuari fish is a prehistoric fish of Cuba. Cuba is the only one place in the world where this fish can be found.
  30. Cuba is known for its famous cigars and all premium cigars are manufactured only in Cuba.
  31. There has a John Lennon statue in jhon Lennon park which built by Jose Villa Soberon in 2000.
  32. Every Cubans children must be going to school in between 6-15 ages.
  33. Cuban government published only 20 types of newspapers on a daily basis but in 1950 It was 58.