36 Interesting Facts About USA

  1. The full form of USA is United States of America. The total population of USA is about 331,002,651 in 2020.
  2. The national currency of USA is USD. USD is the second most powerful currency in the world.
  3. America's first capital was New York but it was changed to Washington DC in 1790.
  4. New York is the most populated city in United States of America. The total population of New York City is about 81 millions.
  5. America is the most fat people's country with 33% population is fat.
  6. United States of America got independents from Great Britain in 1783.
  7. Until 1924 indians didn't get citizenship in USA.
  8. The USA Navy force is the world's second largest Navy force.
  9. The USA Air Force is the largest airforce in the world.
  10. Americans have thrown 50 million used cycles in every year.
  11. Americans have eaten 1.5 million hot dogs in every year.
  12. Every americans drink 600 cold drinks bottles in every year.
  13. Do you know that there have about 56 million dogs in america.
  14. If you write the names of all 50 states of America in English language then you will use all the letters except Q.
  15. Americans are used 80 million tonnes of paper in every year. Only for paper every americans destroyed 465 trees in their lifetime.
  16. In 1867 america bought alaska from russia only in 72 million USD.
  17. Alaska is largest state in america. The total area of alaska is about 1.718 million km².
  18. Mount McKinnel is the highest mountain peak in America. Its height is about 6,194 meters.
  19. Hawaii is the newest state of america and it became the state in 1959.
  20. Atlanta International Airport of USA is the most busiest airport in the world.
  21. Wabash and Indiana are the first two cities in the world who used electricity for lighting.
  22. Do you know that most of the cyclones are come from the central western region of America so this region is known as tornado alley.
  23. The USA government has been controlling 32% land in America.
  24. A person is eligible for drive a car after 16 years old and keep a gun after 18 years old and buy alcohol after 21 years old.
  25. Americans are spend their 90% time in the house.
  26. Americans eat more ice cream than any other country in the world. Americans eat 35000 tonnes of pashta in every year.
  27. The first telephone directory book was published in America in 1878. It had only 1 page and 50 registered names.
  28. The statue of Liberty was gifted by france in 1884.
  29. Americans introduced the first coins currency in 1794 and this coin was made of silver.
  30. American gamblers are spend 54 - 55 billion dollars in every year.
  31. When New York city was ruled by dutch it's named was New Amsterdam.
  32. America is second most polluted country in the world and China is the most polluted country in the world.
  33. Americans have thrown 2.5 million plastics bottles in every year.
  34. About one million cars were sold in America located in 1913.
  35. Anybody can't become president of America more than two times but Franklin De Roosevelt is the only one person who became the President of the United States for four times.
  36. There is a city in America which named is Ding Dong.