43 Interesting Facts About Netherlands

  1. The official name of Netherlands is "the Kingdom of the Netherlands" it in western Europe.
  2. Netherlands means is low altitude regions in dutch language.
  3. Dutch language is the official language of Netherlands.
  4. The international border of Netherlands is meet up with four countries Germany, France, Belgium and United Kingdom.
  5. Netherlands got her independence on 26th July in 1648 from Spain.
  6. The total area of Netherlands is about 41,543 km² and it ranked for 131st country in the world.
  7. The total population of Netherlands is about 2.3 crore and it is ranking for 78th largest populous country in the world.
  8. Amsterdam city is the capital of Netherlands and it's population is about 10 lakhs.
  9. There are 1,280 bridges are available in Amsterdam city.
  10. "Netherlands Antillean guilder" is the official currency of Netherlands and currently One USD is equivalent to 1.79 Netherlands Antillean guilder.
  11. The total GDP of Netherlands is 100,620.03 crores USD.
  12. The Literacy rate of Netherlands is 99.00% and it is the 44th most educated country in the world.
  13. It is not necessary for a soldier salute to a superior officer in Netherlands.
  14. 40% lands of Netherlands is situated below sea-level so Netherlands government constructed a 1400 km long wall. If this wall breakdown then 40% Netherlands will be submerged in Atlantic Ocean.
  15. Netherlands people's average height is about 6 feet.
  16. Netherlands is the first country in the world where marriage between two homosexual is legalized from 2001.
  17. Netherlands has exported the highest amount of pig meat in the world.
  18. The western part of the Netherlands is called Holland.
  19. Prostitution is legal activities in Netherlands but in this profession girl's age would be 18 above and boy's age would be 16 above.
  20. Netherlands government had closed 8 prison in 2004 because of the lack of criminals.
  21. There is a 'Christmas tree' at the main square road of every city in the Netherlands.
  22. On an average a dutch people drinks 74 liter alcohol in one year. Drinkers include not only men but also women.
  23. 1672 year was the disaster year in Netherlands's history because england, France, Belgium and Germany had attacked to Netherlands and totally destroyed this country.
  24. "Wilhelmus van Nassouwe" is the National Anthem of the Netherlands which is the oldest national anthem in the world.
  25. "Wilhelmus van Nassouwe" national anthem was written in 1568 but approved in 1932.
  26. Netherlands's flag is the oldest flag in the world which also created in 1572.
  27. The orange coloured carrots was first grown up in Netherlands.
  28. Tulip flowers are the national flower of Netherlands.
  29. Orange color is the national colour of the Netherlands.
  30. Australia and New Zealand discovered by Captain James Cook in 1770.
  31. Only 3% dutch people have been cultivated in the Netherlands.
  32. The Netherlands government would be banned all petrol and diesel engine cars from 2025 and they only used electric cars. Maximum dutch people are used cycles.
  33. The Netherlands is the second largest country in the world in terms of beer exports.
  34. 40 to 50 lakh tourists are coming to Netherlands in every year.
  35. There are 10,000 turbines are available in Netherlands.
  36. Netherlands is the most cheeze exported country in the world.
  37. The International Court of Justice is situated in Hague city, this court was established by United Nations in 1945.
  38. Drie Gezusters pub is biggest pub in Europe which situated in Netherlands.
  39. The Vaalserberg hill is the highest point of Netherlands which height is about 322.4 metres.
  40. Compound microscope, telescope and pendulum watch was discovered by Hans Lipperhey in 16th century.
  41. Philips company has registered in Netherlands as a public limited liability corporation and its global headquarters in situated Amsterdam.
  42. Philips company first discovered a audio tape in 1967, first video tape in 1672 and first CD-rom in 1985.
  43. The Rhine River is the longest river in Netherlands which length is about 764 miles.