47 Interesting Facts About Switzerland

  1. The official name of Switzerland is "Swiss Confederation" it situated in middle Europe.
  2. The international border of Switzerland is meet up with five countries France, Austria, Germany, Italy and principality of Liechtenstein.
  3. The total area of Switzerland is about 41,285 km² and it ranked for 134th largest country in the world.
  4. Switzerland got his independence from Roman Empire on 1st August in 1648.
  5. Switzerland people are known as Swiss people.
  6. Swiss military knives colour is red because red colour is easy to find in ice.
  7. The total population of Switzerland is about 85.7 lakhs crore and it is ranking for 145th largest populous country in the world.
  8. Bern city is the capital of Switzerland and it's population is about 14 lakhs.
  9. Helvetia was the original name of Switzerland which was given by the king Julius Caesar.
  10. The Gotthard Base Tunnel is the longest tunnel of Switzerland which length is 57 km.
  11. The Gotthard Base Tunnel construction started in 2002 and finished in 2016.
  12. Swiss franc is the official currency of Switzerland  currently One USD is equivalent to 0.98 Swiss franc.
  13. 60% of electricity made from hydroelectric power in Switzerland.
  14. Switzerland is lowest crime rate country in the world.
  15. There are more dentist rather than the number of banks in Switzerland.
  16. The literacy rate of Switzerland is about 87%.
  17. Teaching career is the most expensive job in Switzerland and more holidays are available only for teachers.
  18. Switzerland is the most chocolate exported country in the world. 
  19. More than 1,72,000 tonnes of chocolate are made in Switzerland in every year.
  20. World's first "Portable Cassette Player" was invented in Switzerland in 1972.
  21. Switzerland is the highest amount of soft drinks exported country in the world.
  22. If you want, you can rent a cow in Switzerland.
  23. If Switzerland facing war with any country, Swiss people convert there highways into airtrips only in one minute.
  24. Switzerland's Teacher salary is 1,20,000 USD per annum in 2010.
  25. Switzerland has maximum amount of black money and 68% black money owner are foreigners.
  26. Science Day of Switzerland is dedicated to India's most honourable President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.
  27. The great comedian Charlie Chaplin spent his life's last 25 years in Switzerland.
  28. Chocolate was discovered by Milton Hershey who came from the Appenzell area in 1700 AD.
  29. Swiss people have been eating more chocolate rather than any other country in the world.
  30. A Swiss jeweler made a expensive ring which was totally made by only diamond and it sold for 60 million USD.
  31. Switzerland national flag has two colours red & white and Swiss flag size is square.
  32. There are more than 1500  lakes are situated in Switzerland.
  33. Switzerland has the highest number of gun owners in the world.
  34. Monte Rosa mountain is the highest point of Switzerland which height is about 4634 km.
  35. The Switzerland government constructed a nuclear bomb shelter in 2006 for every Swiss people.
  36. Swiss people have the second highest age rate in the world.
  37. Jean Henri was the first noble prize awarded person in the world who was the founder of the "International Committee of the Red Cross Society".
  38. There are four oofficial languages in Switzerland. These are French, German, Italian and Roman.
  39. Switzerland's total population of 23% people are foreigners.
  40. Albert Einstein patent his special theory of relativity in Bern city in 1905.
  41. France was the only one country who ruled in Switzerland by Napoleon Bonaparte.
  42. World Wide Web (WWW) discovered by great swiss scientist Tim Berner Lee in 1989.
  43. Zuf village is the highest village in Europe which situated at 2162 meters above from sea level.
  44. Tobogganing sports was discovered by Swiss people in nineteenth century.
  45. The coffee company Nestle was started by a Swiss business man Henry Nestle in 1867.
  46. The first waterproof watch discovered by the Rolex Company in Switzerland in 1927.
  47. Rhine river is longest river in Switzerland which length is about 375 km.
  48. "Gotthard Base" is the world's largest tunnel which situated in Switzerland and it's length is about 57 km.