50 Fun Facts About Human Body

Human Body
  1. 200 million cells have created and destroyed in one minute in a human body.
  2. We spend 33% time of our lifetime only for sleep.
  3. "Randy Gardner" has the longest record of 11 days and 25 minutes without sleeping.
  4. We do not feel any smell while we sleep.
  5. The enzymes of human body which help to digest our food, but after 3 days of dead that enzymes start eating the body.
  6. Every human drink about 60,566 liters of water in their lifetime.
  7. There are 32 million bacterias are present in ​​one inch square of human body.
  8. Almost every person takes 7 minutes for a sleep.
  9. An adult person removed about 4kg of dead skin in every year. Most of the dust particles on your bed is actually your dead skin which removed from our body.
  10. Human mouth is the most advanced chemical laboratory in the world. Our mouth can distinguished more than two billions flavours.
  11. During conversation we used 72 types of different muscles. Masseter muscle is the strongest muscle in human body.
  12. People who work at night they have more heavy weight than other normal person.
  13. 2,500 left-handed people are died in every year by using those devices which are designed for right-handed people.
  14. On an average person spend their 1 year of his life only for find out anythings.
  15. Almost on an average person used 56% of their left hand while typing on the keyboard.
  16. 75% people of world start bathing by pouring water in their head.
  17. If you used the headphone for 30 minutes which increased the number of germs in your ears by 700 times.
  18. Synovial fluid is a flexible substance which found in the joints of two bones and this synovial fluid is the most flexible material in the world.
  19. Femure bone is the longest bone and stapes bone is the smallest bone in human body.
  20. You can't never stop your breath and kill yourself because our respiratory muscles are stronger than our willing power.
  21. You can't never tickle yourself because our brain already knew that hand is yourself.
  22. Human body released so much heat in one hour which can boiled about 4 liters of water.
  23. 25% of our bones are available in our legs and femur is strongest bone in human body.
  24. 60% of the people in the world whose one leg is slightly shorter than the other leg.
  25. A man have ate up to 27,000 kg of food in their lifetime.
  26. Handshake is spreading too much infection rather than kissing.
  27. Human teeth are the hardest part of human body which are made from calcium phosphate.
  28. There are only 4 people in the world's who living above the age of 116.
  29. Human heart has a lot of power it could pumps the blood with a lot of pressure upto 30 meters height.
  30. On an average person can move their muscles upto 50 lakhs times in a year.
  31. Our body creates a new mucus layer into stomach in every two weeks.
  32. It is impossible to keep open the eyes while sneezing and during sneezing the heart also stop for a microsecond.
  33. If you try to keep your eyes open during sneezing then your eyeball could be cracked.
  34. If you are pushing your head against a wall then you spend your 150 calories in an hour.
  35. On an average person's heart will be pumping for 1 lakhs times in a single day.
  36. If a adult person's lungs stretched out then its length will be as large as a tennis court. Our kidney are filtering our blood more than 300 times in a minute.
  37. Our liver is the largest and heaviest internal organ of our body.
  38. On an average adult person's lungs is filtering about 2 million liters of air in every day.
  39. Human brain weight is up to 1500 grams But the size and weight of the brain do not affect on the strength of the brain.
  40. A new born baby has 300 bones but an adult person has 206 bones.
  41. Average person's all blood vessels are Interlinking with one by one that  will wrap the whole world for one time.
  42. Only humans are such creatures that cannot breath and swallow simultaneously in one time.
  43. During sneezing the speed of air outcome is about 146ft per second.
  44. All humans have their own unique scent, own unique DNA pattern, unique tounge print and unique finger print which is different from another person.
  45. Hair is the fastest growing tissue and facial hair is the fastest growing hair in human body.
  46. Our immuno system kills such as a cancerous cells in every day.
  47. The human ears and nose are never stop growing but eyes are never grow.
  48. Our eye lens is 576 megapixels and it made up with 65% water and 35% protein.
  49. The human nose can detect about one trillion types of smells.
  50. The human brain has a larger data capacity which is equivalent to one terabyte hard drive.