First time Scientists have been discovered Superconductivity Meteorite Inside a Giant Meteorite

Super conductivity asteroid
Super conductivity asteroid

Superconductivity Meteorite For The First Time

Scientist have discovered a naturally Superconductivity Meteorite in extraterrestrial asteroid for the first time.

Superconductivity Meteorite

Scientist have been found a superconductive material which comes from extraterrestrial area of universe. Superconductives material are one type of alloy, which improve in Quantum Computer's processing speed. This superconductivity meteorite was first object in the earth which can transfer electricity without resistance. Scientist have been saying this superconductivity meteorite comes from a giant meteorite which crashed in earth atmosphere.

This specific superconductivity Meteorite is discovered by some researchers of "University of California San Diego" from a extraterrestrial asteroid. The superconductivity Meteorite was hiding inside a fragment of giant asteroid which smashed over australia before 100 years ago.


Superconductivity is a finest conductor in the earth environment. Superconductivity means all electrical resistance inside the material will be vanished. This phenomenon quality materials are rare objects in earth if we made it artificially which is so expensive but scientist are found it in asteroid grains. Superconductivity Meteorite are improving the technology and which also help in making of fastest computer.

Superconductivity Proof

Scientist got two types of Superconductivity Meteorite these are Mundrabilla and GRA 95205. Mundrabilla is a iron meteorite which found in Australia in 1911 and GRA 95205 meteorite found in Antarctica in 1994. According to vibrating sample magnetometry (VSM) and energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDX) testing these two particles contained naturally Superconductivity grains. The results of the VSM and EDX measurements and analysis are same like Pb, Sn & Id etc.

Scientist are saying these types of meteorite doesn't created in earth environment. So they assured that types of meteorite are creating by exotic material phase which is possible only in extreme environment of space.

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