NASA confirmed Mars had two ancient underground hot springs existed before millions years ago

Water on Mars
Water on Mars
Scientist are continuously exploring the history of the water and planetary scientists are trying to the discover the other source of water. NASA's scientist confirmed Mars had two ancient underground hot springs which was existing before millions years ago. Researchers are saying water could be present on mars with different chemicals signature and Mars probably didn't had any big ocean like pecific ocean because the underground of Mars is filled up with Magma.

"Darothy Oehler" statement
"Darothy Oehler" found ancient Mars could had a hot springs in it's ancient era. "Darothy Oehler" is a researcher at "the planetary science institute" in Arizona State. The Martian polar ice caps have many craters. Some oval shaped area have been explored inside between two craters on the north pole of Mars and there shape is irregular and it looks too bright than other rocks such this area are filled with hot fluid substances. That hot fluid may be released from the crater which is now looking like hotspring.

If they couldn't find water under the Mars surface they expected to find similar fluid chemicals in all Mertain meteorites because Mars is totally covered by Magma ocean. But there are too much different variations land altitude which one is the huge ice cap in north pole of Mars. That huge ice cap is formed by mixture of frozen water and carbon dioxide. When a huge ice cap is possess on the Magma ocean it could be downward but it is not happened. So researchers thought there are others radioactive materials are present inside the Mars which produces too much heat except two poles of Mars.

"Allan hills 84001" & "Northwest Africa 7034"
This evidences was found in the rock of Mars which are analysed by NASA's curiosity rover. Others evidences got from two meteorites which had broken off from Mars crust named are "Allan hills 84001" found in Antarctica in 1984 and "Northwest Africa 7034" found in sahara desert in 2011. Scientist have found two isotopes of hydrogen locked inside this martain meteorites. This two isotopes of hydrogen are deuterium (contain only one neutron) and protium (contain only one proton) locked in this martain meteorites which can help us to understand the history of water on Mars.

Hydrogen Isotopes
By "the radioactive decay dating techniques" scientist have confirmed there are water in "Allan hills 84001" meteorite before 3.9 billion years ago and in "Northwest Africa 7034" meteorite had water before 1.5 billion years ago. Even from this radioactive decay dating techniques scientist know deuterium isotopes is dominant hydrogen in Mars atmosphere so solar radiation is stripping the protium from Mars atmosphere . Similarly in earth protium isotope is dominant which is good for atmosphere it create water from hydrogen atoms mixed up with oxygen.

Those two isotopes are indicating two different history of Mars because "Northwest Africa 7034" and "Allan hills 84001" had deuterium but NASA's curiosity rover analysed Mars atmosphere is filled up with protium isotope.

Insufficient Evidence

That all information couldn't approved until to conducted a robotic Mars sample return mission which will be done as some possible, but NASA's next Mars mission 2020 launch on 17th July and arrive to Jezero Crater on mars on 18 February in 2021 which is also provide some accurate documents for analysing water history of Mars.

"Darothy Oehler" said if these hotsprings will habitable environment for extremophiles, we could found a best places for life develops on Mars.