NASA curiosity rover sent a selfie from Mars land during climbing the Greenheugh Pediment hills

Mars curiosity rover
Mars curiosity rover

NASA's Curiosity Rover

The curiosity rover of the USA space agency NASA has shared a amazingful selfie from the red planet. On February 26th in 2020 the curiosity rover drilled a hole near the Greenheugh Pediment hills. The NASA's curiosity rover landed over martain land on 26th April in 2011. First few years this rover explored the plains land of red planet. Now this rover started to climbing the slope of Greenheugh Pediment hills which height is about 5 km. During the climbing curiosity rover drilling on mars surface and collecting samples then analyze the geological layers of Mars.

Curiosity Rover Features

According to NASA's scientist statement this curiosity rover climbing an incline upto 45 degree angle without any danger of flipping over. Currently the curiosity rover highest record of climbing the incline of 31 degree without any problem. Rover operators are carefully controlled the rover from NASA space agency and they try to avoid to spin of its wheels and keep always stability.

Mars Hand Lens Imager ( Mars Selfie)

This selfie capture with Mars Hand Lense Imager (MAHLI). Generally MAHLI captured photos are black and white because black and white images are processing very fast. After getting all images from MAHLI, scientist have edited all images before releasing on social media. This selfie choose from 86 individuals selfie frames with MAHLI which were joint together by NASA's scientist and create a single photo. This photo captured by the 1.8 Giga-pixels of 360 degree panorama shot on the red planet surface by Mars Hand Lense Imager (MAHLI) device.

NASA's curiosity rover now analyze the Mars surface which is providing information to NASA space agency for Mars landing in February 2021.