The ozone layer is healing and recover the global atmosphere condition

Ozone layer healing
Ozone layer healing

Ozone Hole Is Healing

The ozone layer above the Antarctic is healing so much due to lockdown of maximum country, which gives a positive environmental experience. Ozone layer is made up with three oxygen atoms but due to pollution some toxic gases are created a large hole in south hemisphere's atmosphere. But due to cities lockdown total exhausted pollutants are decreased and antartica's above atmosphere is recovering the ozone layer at very fast.

Montreal Protocol

A new study suggests the Montreal protocol- according to 1987 agreement "to stop producing ozone breakdown substances" could be responsible for pausing and some troubling changes in air current of Antarctica.

Jet Stream

Our planet is swirling fastest at the high altitude of both pole. At the high altitude air current create a jet stream, this jet stream change the season, rain falling and temperature. South hemisphere's jet current is created by 23.5 degree axis rotation the earth around the sun. But after some decades of the protocol signed the results are effective and healing the ozone hole in south pole. In other words after the protocol signed appears to have paused the migration of jet stream in south hemisphere.

Researchers Opinions

By using of radars, computers and satellites researchers are confirmed that the migration of Jet stream will paused. Researchers found due to the change of migration of Jet stream increased the risk of drought by pausing rainfall in Australia. Australia facing the rainfall problem from 30 years ago. 

"Ian Rae" is a the organic chemist specialist of Melbourne University. He says "if the ozone layer will recover, there is not much to cheer it as the carbon substances emissions have been massive & increasing and all progress will be at risk as before".

The area of ozone hole above  Antarctica hit it's smallest annual peak in previous year since 1982 and this record may be to do something with unusually temperature of atmosphere. There have been a surge in ozone breakdown chemicals are released from industrial area of china. It is a pushing and pulling war between the opposing effects of ozone hole healing and rising the greenhouse gases (carbon adding substances) that will decide the future environment of earth.