What is quarantine? Latest news on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Across the India for prevent the corona virus spreading India's honourable prime minister Narendra Modi declared the Janata curfew on 22nd March in 2020. This Janata curfew main motive is all indians are staying at home from 7 am to 9 pm. During this 14 hours period anyone can't go outside from home without any reason. At 5 pm everyone go to their balcony or roof and giving a big clap for doctors, police man, Indian army. Indian government request to all indians please follow this instructions and prevent the spreading of coronavirus.

These Janata curfew decision is a great decision for preventing the spread of coronavirus. Every indian must known those important information for prevention of coronavirus. If you don't know these factors, this Janata curfew could not be completed. We appealed you kindly know these important information about what can we do and don't during the Janata Curfew session.

What Should We Do During quarantine?

Stay At Home
  1. Everyone stay at home don't go outside of home without any reason. Never leave your home without any emergency situation otherwise all times staying at home.
  2. Stay at home don't meet with any friends and relatives. Without any reason neighbours are don't gathering at any place.
  3. If you go to outside of home please cover your mouth and nose by mask or handkerchief.
  4. Kindly you informed to 10 people about Janata Curfew mission by calling or whatsapp group messages. Also told them how to prevent the spreading of coronavirus.

Be Awareness
  1. All people are staying at home without any tension. NO need to get panic. If anyone suffering from fever and coughing go to nearest hospital otherwise consult a doctor through phone.
  2. Frequently wash hand for atleast 30 second with soap or sanitizer. During the Janata Curfew session please wash your hands for 20 times in 24 hours. Told to everyone to do same things with stay at home.

  1. We know water is life, so drink much water as possible. Much drinking water helping your body for getting hydrate and also strengthen your immuno system which is very essential.
  2. We know Coronavirus vaccine is not available so if we affected by the COVID-19, then only our body's immuno system can be cured this desease so took as more vitamin c and water.
  3. Vitamin c available fruits are lemon, orange, green chili, strawberries, papayas, lychees etc. Kindly intake these fruits which gives you as much vitamin c and strengthen your immune system.

Isolate at home
  1. Generally desease are two types one is communicable disease and non-communicable disease. Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a communicable disease so if we stay in isolation this disease can't spread. 
  2. Coronavirus is in second stage which is also a safe zone but if we don't isolate this can be grow up very fast.
  3. If Coronavirus go to third stage it will be creat very dangerous situation which is uncomfortable so kindly stay at home.
  4. Few weeks ago Italians ignored this disease when it was in second stage. Now it is in third stage in Italy which is uncontrollable and more than 400 people are died in every day.

What Shouldn't Be Done During quarantine?

Don't Panic
  1. Do not share your food and drink with any family members and friends.
  2. Do not collect too many masks and hand sanitizers because there are limited numbers of Mask and senitizers are available in market.
  3. The World Health Department adviced to healthy person only focus on their immuno system.

Do Not Touch Your Face
  1. Frequently don't touch your face, ears, nose and mouth without senitized your hands.
  2. If you touch your face without wahed your hands by senitizers, the COVID-19 virus will easily enter your body.

Do not collect much food and drink
  1. Don't buy much food and drinks items. This can be produced a negative impact on market price.
  2. Janata Curfew is just an attempt to prevent the virus spreading so don't feel panic.

Avoid Social Media Rumor
  1. Avoid the social media rumour if you have any questions kindly visit world health organization official website.
  2. There have been many rumors on social media which are the treatment of corona virus.  Do not be fool by this rumours because there are no vaccine for corona virus.

Scientific Reason Of quarantine

  1. Viruses are could not be exist without any active cell if they didn't get any active cell in there lifespan they will be die. COVID-19 is a virus which lifespan is only 12 hours. If COVID-19 is not get any active cell in there lifespan they will die so Janata Curfew is declared for 14 hours.
  2. In Janata Curfew session if we stay at home and far away from the infected person for 14 hours then the risk of infection will reduce and rest COVID-19 viruses which was stay without active cell these will be die.
I hope you like this best information about Janata Curfew against COVID-19 so don't hesitate to share with your friends and family.