Colonization on the Moon is possible: Astronauts can be used own pee for urea to build the Lunar base

Moon colonization
Moon colonization
In the future human being should settled on moon surface and it is good for deep planetary mission. European space agency's space researchers are confirmed astronauts could build moon bases with 3d printers mechine by using of plasticizers concrete. That plasticizers concrete is made up from mixing of moon regolith, water and urea from astronauts pee. European space agency researchers have verified the potential of urea as plasticizers is better any materials. It could be incorporated into concrete to soften the initial time of the concrete mixture and it also pilable before become hardens. The moon bases are made by 3d printed cylindrical concrete.

Why We Construct The Moon Base?
NASA, ESA and Chinese international space administration are planning to construct the moon base that will help to human for explore more planetary positions and it also help in travelling more distance such Mars and Venus. Even moon base construction is too difficult for it's high fluctuate climate temperature, reach of high levels radiation from space and it's thin atmosphere layer. Due to presence of thin atmosphere layer meteorites are easily crashed on moon surface which is so dangerous.

Why Urea Is Used For Construction of Moon Base?
Urea is the most abundant substance which can easily available on moon from astronauts pee. It used for its chemical properties which help in build of moon base because Urea could breakdown the hydrogen bonds and reduce the viscosity of aqueous mixture of geological polymer concrete. This geological polymer concrete made up by mixing of dust particles of Moon surface and water which comes from the ice present in some places of moon. In this mixing breakdown of water molecules scientists are using the urine of astronauts because transportation of 0.45 kg of urea from earth to moon cost is about 10,000 USD. If scientists brought urea from earth to moon for construction of moon shelter it's transportation fees would be so expensive than the construction budget of international space station, so scientist prefer to use of urea from astronauts urine. Researchers are also confirmed if the geological polymer is mixing with urea it could stable at 80 degree celcius in day and -160 degree Celsius at night.

Scientist haven't yet investigate how much urea should be extracted from astronauts pee whether this would be necessary because urine's other components could be used to made up the geopolymer concrete. This actual pee could be used in the mixture of regolith of moon and also scientists need to find out the best materials for moon base construction which is also would be available at low cost.

Achievements After Moon Base Construction
Before sixty one years ago appollo human landing on moon surface is done by appollo program which was an impossible mission at that time due to lack of advanced technology. But now space technology and scientific achievements are too much better than the appollo program of 1961 so it would be possible the construction of first lunar outpost which help in universe exploration. Basically these lunar outpost construct by the 3d printer with the help of ESA, NASA and China National Space Administration. After construction of the moon base it helps in Mars journey as a fuel pump and transportation of the helium particles moon to earth.