31 Interesting Facts About Peru

  1. The official name of Peru is "Republic of Peru" it situated in South America.
  2. Spanish language is the official language of Peru and other languages are aymara and quechua.
  3. Cinchona is the national plants of Peru which continued from 1663.
  4. The international border of Peru is meet up with five countries Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Brazil and Bolivia.
  5. Peru got her independence on 28th July in 1821 from Spain.
  6. Lima city is the largest city & capital of Peru and it's total population is about 10,000,000.
  7. The total area of Peru is about 1,285,216 km² and it ranked for 18th largest country in the world.
  8. 60% land of Peru is covered by the Amazon forest and it is the second largest country as a land contribute to Amazon forest after Brazil.
  9. The National flag of Peru have two colour these are red and white. Red colour represent the blood of freedom fighters, white colour represent the peace.
  10. Sol is the official currency of Peru and currently One USD equivalent to 3.41 Sol.
  11. Peru is the sixth largest gold productions country in the world and also Peru exports copper, zinc, fish and crude petroleum oil.
  12. 90% population of Peru follow the Christians relegion and rest 10% are following muslim religion.
  13. Peru people are known as Peruvians and total population of Peru is about 3.93 crore and it ranked for 43rd largest populous country in the world.
  14. There is a Jesus Christ's last eaten picture in Cuzco Cathedral in Peru.
  15. Bromeliad plant is the world's largest flowering plant which only found in Peru.
  16. According to United Nations Peru is the world's largest cocaine producer country and it's estimated revenue is about 1 billion USD in every year.
  17. "The Giant Andean Condor bird" is the world's largest flying bird it only found in Peru. An adult Andean Condor bird's length is about 3 feet and weight is about 15 kg.
  18. The students of "University of Engineering and Technology of Peru" have built a billboard which could generate drinking water from humidity of air.
  19. Huascaran mountain is highest mountain of Peru which height is about 6,768 meter and it situated in Rascaran National Park in Peru.
  20. Camu Camu berries is containing highest amount of vitamin c than any kind of fruits in the world.
  21. Peruvian government had banned on peppers for prisoners in 1973 because they believed chilies increase the desire to s*x.
  22. Amazon river is the world's largest river and it comes from Andes mountain range in Peru.
  23. There are more than 3,000 different varities of potatoes have cultivated in Peru.
  24. Japanese and Peruvian are only two residents in the world whose have eaten dolphin meat.
  25. Marinera is the national dance of Peru and also Kashua and Hyuna is the famous historical dance in Peru. Hyuna dance have performed by a couple inside the room and the same Kashua dance is performed by a couple outside the room.
  26. Peruvians have gifted yellow colour underwear to their relatives and friends in every new year occasion.
  27. According to United Nations Peru is the largest legalized prostitution country in the world and it's 10% women involved in prostitution.
  28. Huaynaputina volcano is a volcanic upland in Peru which last erupted in 1600 and due to this eruption 2 millions people died in Russia.
  29. Machu Picchu is the most beautiful ancient empire which situated in Cuzco Region of Peru. It first discovered by an American explorer "Hiram Bingham" on 24th July in 1911. It also known as "The lost city of Inca emperor".
  30. Peru is the world's 8th largest coffee producer country and fifth largest amount of arabica bean's producer country in the world.
  31. Titicaca lake is the world's highest lake which situated on the Andes mountain range, it's altitude is about 3,810 meters from sea level.