35 Interesting Facts About Chile

  1. The official name of Chile is "Republic of Chile" it situated in South America.
  2. Spanish language is the official language of Chile and other languages are Mapudungun, Aymara and Rapa Nui.
  3. The international border of Chile is meet up with threee countries Peru, Bolivia & Argentina and west side is bordered by pecific ocean.
  4. Chile got her independence on 18th September in 1810 from Spain.
  5. Santiago city is the largest city & capital of Chile and it's total population is about 61 lakhs.
  6. The total area of Chile is about 756,102 km² and it ranked for 36th largest country in the world.
  7. Total population of Chile is about 1.91 crores and residents of Chile is known as Chilean.
  8. The National flag of Chile have three colour these are red, blue and white. Red colour represent the blood of freedom fighters, white colour represent the snow of the Andes mountain and blue colour represents the sky.
  9. Chilean Peso is the official currency of Chile and currently One USD equivalent to 860 Chilean Peso.
  10. There occurs about 8,000 earthquakes in every day and 18 major earthquake occurs in every year but approximately 2 millions minor earthquakes occurs in every year.
  11. There aren't any poisonous snake in Chile and only 2 harmless snake species are found here.
  12. Chile is the second largest exporter of salmon fish after Norway.
  13. Vicuna is the smallest camels species in the world which only found in Chile.
  14. Pudu Deer is the smallest deer species in the world which only found in "the lush Valdivian rainforest" in Chiloe Island of Chile.
  15. "Villa Las Estrellas" is a Chilean city and a research station which situated in "King George Island" in Antarctica. There are a school, hospital, hostel, post office, Internet, TV and mobile phone coverage also available in this city.
  16. "The Chinchorro mummy" is the world's oldest mummy which discovered in "Atacama Desert" in 1917 in Chile. It existed from 9000 years ago.
  17. Atacama Desert is the world's highest driest desert which also situated in Chile and last rainfall occurred before 40 years ago.
  18. There are more than 1300 active volcanoes are situated in Chile.
  19. Villarrica volcano is the most active and dangerous volcano in Chile which situated at the southern part of Santiago.
  20. "San Alfonso del Mar" resort's swimming pool is the world's largest swimming pool which situated in Algarrobo city in Chile which area is about 8 hectares.
  21. chungara lake is the world's 31st highest lake which situated at 4520 meters altitude from sea level.
  22. "Chilean wine" is most popular beverages from all over the world, but Chile's national drink is Pisco sour.
  23. Chile is the lowest divorce rate country in the world because divorce is illegal activities in Chile.
  24. Chile is also known as country of poets due to two Nobel achiever in leatreature subject, they are "Gabriela Mistral" in 1945 and "Pablo Neruda" in 1971.
  25. Chile is one of the only countries in the world which has an UFO research organization.
  26. Penguins not only live in Antarctica they also found in Seno Otway Penguin Colony in South Chile.
  27. Petagonia is the world's cleanest places which situated in Chile.
  28. There are 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites have situated in Chile which are rapa nui national park, churches of Chiloe, Valparaíso, humberstone & santa laure saltpeter works and Sewell mining town.
  29. Chile is the world's longest country which length is about 2,647 miles.
  30. Ojos Del Salado is the highest point of Chile which height is about 22,608 feet and it situated in Andes mountain range between argentina and Chile.
  31. Ojos del Salado lake is the world's highest active volcanic lake which situated at the Andes mountain range.
  32. Punta Arenas and Puerto Williams city is the world's southernmost city which also situated in Chile.
  33. Easter Island is the famous ancient island in the world which is an special territory of Chile in the Southeast pecific ocean. This island is famous for it's Moai statue which built by rapa nui people in 1250 AD and statue's height is about 4 meter.
  34. The official and unusual name of Chilean football team is "O'Higgins a Patriot of Chilean Rule.
  35. General Carrera lake is largest lake in Chile which area is about 1850 square km but it's area share between two countries argentina and Chile.