Myths and mysteries of Bermuda triangle disappearance of ships

Bermuda triangle
Bermuda triangle
The Bermuda triangle suggest a region of Atlantic Ocean which bordered by Miami Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda. It was first discovered in 1609 by sir George Somers. The Bermuda triangle got public attention in 1950 by an American journalist Edward Van Winkle while he published a article in "The Associated Press" about the missing of ships and aircrafts from this region.

Every few years some scientists have claimed they have solved the behind mystery of this region but till now anyone can't solve this puzzle. Some scientists have claimed, presence of the hexagonal clouds which act as air bombs, dangerous air and water current or some freak whirlpools. Scientists have suggested the total area of Bermuda triangle is about 193,000 square km.

After discovered of this region approximately 8000 people died and disappeared from Bermuda triangle. At least 50 ships and 20 aircrafts have vanished from this triangle. For such type of activities some people have knew as " The Devils Triangle".

Till now the Bermuda triangle become the biggest unexplained myths and conspiracies theories in the world. The USA government is also unable to recognize this region on geographic map.

Mysterious Activities In Bermuda Triangle
  • In 1609 while Bermuda triangle got public attention some people believe that triangle is the part of William Sekespeare's book "The Tempest". "The Tempest" book was a fairy tales book which talks about the sinking ships and missing aircrafts.
  • In 1941 a USA cargo navy ship went to the East Costa Rica from St Thomas with core and 58 passengers when entered in this triangle region it suddenly vanished from the radar and till now it was missing.
  • In 1945 five Torpedo Bombers Mechine (TBM) took off from naval base fort "Lauderdale Florida" it also vanished in this region before complete of their mission.
  • In 1948 a Douglas DC-3 commercial aircrafts also vanished with 29 passengers when it went to the Miami airport over this region.
  • In 1963 GS marine sulphur queen was a T-2 tanker which carried out sulphur it also vanished from this region with 39 passengers.
  • Again in 1964 this mysterious region got public attention due to published an article in "The Argosy Magazine" about the string of shipweeks and disappearness of airplanes from this area. That published article named was "The Deadly Bermuda Triangle" which create a new hype in the world.
  • While public are excited to know about the behind myths and mysterious of this region some magazine published many articles. After some months two film producer "Charles Berlitz" and "J Manson Valentine" published a book which name was "The Bermuda Triangle". Thereafter a film have made on the story of "The Bermuda Triangle" book which cast by John Huston, Andres Gercia and Hugo Stiglith in 1978. After released this movie a horror movie star "Vincent Price" offered 10,000 USD rewards to anyone who could solve the mystery of the Bermuda triangle.
  • Such type of incidence have continued in this regions which is also unexplained but some scientists have claimed some phenomenon of this region.

Deceptively Theories About The Bermuda Triangle

Weather patterns
The Bermuda triangle areas lies in the dangerous weather area because most of hurricanes have generated from this area which could destroy anything. The gulf stream is also passing through Western edge of this triangle which created many turbulence. The speed of the gulf current is about 7-9 km per minute which could easily misnevigate any ships and aircrafts.

Land Shape Of The Region
Some of the deepest trench have discovered in this region but in some places it creates shallow water which is so dangerous for sailing of ships. "The Puerto Rico trench" is the deepest trench in Atlantic Ocean which is located in this triangle region. According to geologist there meet two tectonic plates which create underwater earthquake at the northern end of the Bermuda triangle. Due to underwater earthquake it creates large tsunami in this region so many ships sinked and many aircrafts disappeared from radar while travel above this region.