40 Interesting Facts About Belize

  1. The official name of Belize is "the republic of Belize" and it situated in north america continent.
  2. "British Honduras" was the former official name of belize but it renamed by british in 1973.
  3. Belize name derived from "Belikin" which means the land facing the sea in Maya language.
  4. Belize is a Caribbean country and it made up with 6 provinces and 6 states.
  5. Belize situated in subtropical regions so there have only two seasons summer and winter.
  6. Belize is the United Kingdom's last colony which situated in the american mainland.
  7. English language is the official language of Belize and other languages are Spanish, Garifuna, Mandarin and Maya.
  8. Belize is the only one central american country where english is the official language.
  9. 61.1% land of Belize is covered by forests and woodlands and it representing about 3.4% forest land of the world's total forests.
  10. Belize's 1.3 millions hectares areas is covered by forests with 145 species of mammal, 605 species of bird, 139 species of reptile, 35 species of amphibian and 900 species of fish.
  11. The international border of Belize is meet up with three countries and these are Guatemala, Mexico and Honduras.
  12. Belize is the only one central american country without sharing a coastline with North Pacific Ocean and it's coastline is shared with Caribbean Sea.
  13. There about 200 islands have situated and maximum islands are inhabited and "Ambergris Island" is the largest island of Belize.
  14. The Belize Barrier Reef is the world's second largest barrier reef which situated in Yucatan Peninsula region in Caribbean Sea and it's total area is about 960 km².
  15. Belize got her independence on 21 September in 1981 from United Kingdom.
  16. "Belize City" is the largest city of Belize which area is about 35.67 km² and it's population is about 1 lakhs.
  17. Belmopan is the capital of Belize which area is about 32.78 km² and it's total population is about 13 thausand.
  18. Belize City was the former capital city of Belize but it destroyed by Hurricane Hattie in 1961 so it replaced to Belmopan.
  19. The total area of Belize is about 22,965 km² and it is the 147th largest country in the world after Djibouti.
  20. Total population of Belize is about 5.4 lakhs but 19% population are foreigners and citizens of Belize is known as Belizeans.
  21. The National flag of Belize have two colours these are red and blue. Red and blue colours represent the unity of Belizeans , the circle of 50 olive's leaves honour to freedom fighters and Mahogany tree symbolise to the economic foundation of the country.
  22. Belize dollar is the official currency of Belize and currently One USD equivalent to 2.02 Belize dollar.
  23. Cockscomb basin wildlife sanctuary is the world's only one jaguar reserve nature park which situated in Stann Creek District of Belize and it's total area is about 400 km².
  24. Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport is the only one international airport in Belize which situated in Belize City.
  25. St. George's Caye Day is the national historical day in Belize because on this day british army defeated the Spanish army on 10th November in 1798.
  26. Belizeans are avoid to swimming on Good Friday in every year because they believe if anyone trying to swim on this day he will turn into the fish.
  27. Belize has a parliamentary democracy and currently Queen Elizabeth II is officially head of Belize.
  28. Belize's time zone is GMT-6 and there contact code is +501.
  29. The Black Orchid is the official flower of Belize and it's stem grows up to six inches long with two or three leaves.
  30. There haven't any Mcdonald restaurant, Burger King, Starbucks coffee shop and KFC in the Belize.
  31. Caana pyramid is is the tallest building in Belize which constructed in 1200 BC and it's height is about 141 feet.
  32. The New River is the largest and longest river in Belize which total length is about 515 km.
  33. Approximate 74.2% Belizeans have followed Christian, 12% are following Buddhists and rest people have followed other religions such as Hinduism, Islam, Rastafarianism etc.
  34. Doyle's Delight is the highest mountain in Belize which height is about 1,124 metres.
  35. There have situated about more than 400 Mayan ruins in Belize.
  36. Belize is the home of one UNESCO World Heritage site and it is the Belize barrier reef system.
  37. According to archeological surveys Belize inhabited from 1500 BC and first civilized cities were Lamanai, Caracol, and Lubaantun.
  38. Caracol city was the largest city in Belize during the Maya civilization.
  39. Black Howler Monkey is the America's most loudest animal and there sounds frequency is about 188 decibels and blue whale is the world's most loudest animal with 230 decibels.
  40. The Great Blue Hole is a giant marine sinkhole which located near the light house reef of Belize barrier reef in Belize and it is the largest hole in Belize & it's circular area is about 318 metres & depth is 124 meters.